Thursday, December 22, 2011


Since when does Cameron Silver say a Hermes Birkin is not an appropriate Christmas/Chanukah present?

Is it the fact that I am somewhat delusional from only four hours of sleep since anyone who I know has been solicited to buy tables to the annual benefit for Art of Elysium aka the HEAVEN gala? I am chairing this major fete the night before the Golden Globes and being a philanthropist is giving me dark circles and carpal tunnel! Well I may be feeling a little off, but I do know when a Birkin is a gift and when a Birkin is a better SELF gift.

I would call this 35 cm Birkin a "beater Birkin" and its around half the price of buying a brand new one as this one has been used and I would actually say the interior has been a bit abused, but "in this economy" this Hermes treasure is a real steal.

If you are a sloppy girl or boy, buy this one and let it get all messy. If you have a zillion perfect Birkins and need a "schlepper," buy this one. If you want to look like you got into the Hermes Birkin frenzy in the LAST decade and want to look ahead of the curve, but this one. Yes it's got a little "schmutz" on the ends and a major scar inside, but who's lookin'? With the 5Gs you have saved you can take a vacation or be totally gluttonous and get caviar, ice cream, and red wine all over this bag. I won't say a thing. Buy this for YOU! Don't buy this for HIM or HER.

Hey, will you buy a $25,000 table to Heaven? Just askin'...

Hermes 35 cm Birkin in Blue Jean Clemence leather with palladium hardware, Stamped J square for 2006. SOLD

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