Monday, February 12, 2007

Chanel Leather Bags and a tote

While it is fantastic to have the jersey Chanel bags, sometimes you need something a little more robust and for that purpose the bags are available in leather. Below we have a few options of some classic bags as well as some novel ideas to the Chanel bag.

Chanel, 80s, metallic leather trimed gold lame brocaded bag with a paisley motif. This is a great tote bag, big enough to fit many things for a day in the city shopping, and running errands. Or in the summer if you want that chic mom who knows what's up look. 14.5"x 11". SOLD

Chanel, 80s patent leather lunch box style purse. It has a woven patent leather link strp and top handle. If you can't prepare a nice lunch for your daughter the least you can do is let her step down from your car with a chic Chanel lunch box. 8.5"x7. SOLD

Chanel, 80s, classic style navy leather quilted purse with signature gold chain link strap and double C closure on the front. Pocket on the back and measureing 10"x7". SOLD

Chanel, 80s, white quilted leather purse, with double double C closures on either side of face of bag. Woven leather and chain strap with a Rue Cambon Dog Tag dangling from handle. 9"x7". SOLD

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