Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lagerfeld for Chanel

Another option for your holiday party circuit, if you want a slightly more sexy and sensual look, is this Lagerfeld for Chanel Boutique evening gown.

From the early 80s too, this halter strap gown with bonded bra top bodice has an elegant row of gilt double C logo buttons down the front and a slip long full length jersey skirt. This gown is also sized at a 4/6. As you can see in the photos, the dress gives great shape and fits the body in a tantalizing way. SOLD

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Gorgeous Chanel

With Holiday parties chocking up your social calendar for the next three weeks you are going to be hunting for perfect frocks for each. Whether is cocktail, black-tie or even more casual Decades has the answer for each dress-code dilemma!

This Chanel Boutique by Karl Lagerfeld early 80s one shoulder evening gown is the pick of the season for your black-tie New Year's ball. It is made of black silk taffeta faille, with a wide waist band and full skirt. The dress comes with the petticoat which has a horsehair band and the gown is sized at a 4/6. It is perfect because of its clean lines, classic silhouette and dramatic appearance. Such a tasteful and beautiful choice for a night on the town. SOLD

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Nicole at the American Music Awards

Nicole Richie looked stunning at the American Music Awards when she wore this Haute Couture vintage Christian Dior mini-dress. It fits her figure and it takes her to a whole new level of glamour. This is dressing for the red carpet the way it always should have been. HOT, Nicole, hot! Of course, she found the dress at Decades.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Back By Popular Demand!

You loved this dress, we loved this dress and Salma certainly loved this dress so by the generous grace of Miss Hayek we are able to bring it back once more to share the love with you all.

When we first had this Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld evening ballgown from the 80s, the demand for it was high. Questions flooded our little shop as potential owners tried to get their hands on it. In the end Salma Hayek became the lucky owner. Having worn it to an American Cinemateque Award celebration she has decided to sell it once more.

As worn by Salma on the 14th October looking completely stunning on the red carpet. Thank you Salma on behalf of all who want to own this gown, and particularly for the person who ends up hanging it in their wardrobe!

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thierry Mugler, Turkey Carving Dress.

Wanting to seduce your man this holiay season? Planning on asking your husband for a touch more in the way of your housekeeping? Hoping to secure the deal with your Gallery to exclusively exhibit your work for the next six months? Well if you are attempting any one of these things or a number of others, perhaps you might find your task at hand easier once you don this Thierry Mugler dress.

From the 80s, this black crepe dress with dramatic velvet criss-crossing straps is one for your holiday season. No need to dress in green and red, throw on some black to throw off your onlookers. The dress is marked as a size 40, the hips are narrow but there is extra room in the bust. The silhouette is flattering and the detailing is alluring so make this holiday season start with a bang on Thanksgiving and let your family know who's the boss. SOLD

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Friday, November 17, 2006

Chanel quilted leather bag

Coming live to the world from the Admirals Club at LAX this is Decades Inc. with a Chanel quilted leather handbag. I have always wanted to say something like that. Besides the point. As I watch people stroll by through the terminal I have been led to consider the uniform of those who travel around me. Some in sweats, some in suits and some in their everyday duds. Well, what you adorn your body with is only half the airport departures experience.

The other part is what you carry on with you. Luggage. Which can take many forms, it could be Victornox by Swiss Army, for the outward bound and rugged traveler. It could be Tumi for the business and economy savvy traveler. Or if you are into fashion the list of options is endless; Bottega, Chanel, Louis or Goyard. But what about your "1 personal item" that each of you is allowed to carry-on? What will you choose for this. Hopefully this will help you with an idea or two.

Chanel quilted leather handbag. Its from the 80s and in superb condition. The milk-chocolate quality of the leather makes it yummy and the gold double 'c' logo clasp and leather and chain strap make it delicious. It is what I like to call Chanelicious. The bag can be worn with a long chain , shoulder or messenger style, or the chain can be doubled and you can wear it as a shorter under-the-arm-bag.

The bag is on the smaller side of this style. However, not too small to be useful. It is perfect for going out at night, or as I have suggested as the additional 1 personal item that you are allowed on the plane, for your various necessaires. SOLD

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Chanel Jewelry

Two Chanel necklaces to feast your eyes upon. The first is traditional, elegant, youthful and fun. It is a gold chain with large double C logo hanging pendant. The necklace is dated to 1995. Scroll down for option two.

This necklace will tickle you pink and remind you of your childhood. Dated to the 80s, this Chanel necklace is inspired by your childhood favorite, Alphabet Soup. As you can see the links are letters spelling out Chanel coupled together with gold coins and chain. A great party pieces and one for the collection. Not to be worn everyday, this necklace adds some spice to your outfit and, as your grandmother would say, is a great conversation piece. SOLD

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Gwyneth in Vintage YSL

Doesn't Gwyneth look lovely. Here she is wearing vintage YSL Rive Gauche that she found at Decades. She wore this dress to a Fashion Group International event at the end of October and looked ravishing detailing the gown with a black patent leather belt. If you want to get the Gwyneth look, come by the store and we will help you out.

In the Navy.

Excuse the cheesy title today. I could not for the life of me think of anything else other than this dress is navy. So today we are all in the Navy. Must be said to the tune that we all know it comes with.

Apologies for the lack of new postings lately. We have been busy busy busy preparing and shipping for our trunkshow in Hong Kong. If you are an avid reader of this blog and in Hong Kong prepare yourselves for the Lane Crawford 2006. Our trunkshow is just days away there and you will be able to purchase many gowns, bags and jewelry that you have seen on the blog as well as some unseen goodies.

Today, we have this navy mouselline couture dress from the 60s. It is anonymous but cute nonetheless. It is decorated with floral motifs in paillettes. This style is extremely popular at the moment. Either wear it with sandals or chunky flat boots during the day, or you can wear it with tights and heels at night. A very versatile dress to say the least.

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Monday, November 06, 2006

YSL metallic

Just to taunt you a little further, this adorable YSL Rive Gauche deadstock dress has also SOLD. But I thought I should let you ogle over it too.


YSL does C-3PO

Its gorgeous and obviously severely influential to the Spring '07 collection care of Nicolas Ghesquiere at Balenciaga. It's space age chic at it's best. Its vintage YSL!

If you want the space-age look but you want it the way it was meant to be done then take a look at this YSL Rive Gauche dress. Act quick or you won't be able to indulge the style as someone might beat you to it.

Amazing nonetheless. SOLD

YSL Gunmetal Blouse

You could be 22 and topless or you could be 76 and camisoled, either way you can don this gorgeous gunmetal blouse. What's even better is if you are 22, buy this blouse now and then wear it again when you are 76. That's fashion repeating itself.

Of course you could wear it however you like, topless or with a camisole is just two of my personal preferences and what do I know being a gentleman? However, what I do know is this YSL Rive Gauche blouse of gunmetal Lurex with a tie-front and ruffles gallery is certainly worth a closer look. Dated to the 70 and marked as a size 36 it certainly is on the smaller side.

Shown here on a size 4 mannequin though, it doesn't look all that bad. I say put it together with a black pencil skirt and a black wife beater and you are cheap and chic with a twisted sense of fashion. But, somehow fresh. Enjoy.

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YSL does black magic

I often think there are too many women who have become slaves to the fashion, and let the clothing wear them. How dare they? I hear the ranks of young fashionistas scream from the gathered crowd. Well sometimes they just cannot help but give in and stop the flow of creative juices. For those of you who let the free flow, stream, there is YSL.

YSL Rive Gauche allows the creative, natural stylist within you to open your petals and show the onlookers what you are all about. This 80s cocktail dress sized 38, has taffeta puffy sleeves a velvet bodice and plunging neck-line.

The matching taffeta silk belt, bows in the front and matches the volumized sleeves. SOLD

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YSL Trapeze Dress

Considering the relaxed state of dress this nation seems to be indulging in, its hard to be both casual and presentable. There are many ways of doing this, and the trend to spend more to look like less is reaching the pinnacle of its ascent into popular culture. If you have to succumb to this trend I suggest you do so in the utmost style. A.K.A YSL...

YSL Rive Gauche, deadstock black trapeze shaped voile dress from 1992. This dress is chic, is capable of making the transition from day into night and is a staple you all should have. Unfortunately only one of you will be able to purchase it. SOLD

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YSL Biker Jacket

I imagine that on a daily basis you do not come across the need to wear many of the items that I post on the blog.
You probably run around town in jeans and tees, stopping at the bank, meeting girlfriends for lunch, picking up dry-cleaning and maybe watching the kids soccer practice. Even with the fact that it is still ungodly hot outside in November when the sun goes down so does the temperature. So for those nights when you just want to head to the movies or grab some drinks with friends you can still be chic but casual too.

YSL Rive Gauche Furriure, pony hair with vinyl trim biker jacket from the 80s is perfect. Throw it over your ribbed wife-beater, or a v-neck white tee a pair of flat boots and some skinny jeans and you are good to go. Keep the accessories simple and the make-up even more so and you will look like one hot mama who doesn't need the icing on top to look as good as you do.

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Saturday, November 04, 2006

YSL Rive Gauche 1994

When you husband's secretary calls you, its 4:40pm on a Thursday, and she is calling to confirm the car is picking you up that evening at 7pm sharp to go meet your husband for Charity Gala Dinner that he sits on the board for. You suddenly realize what a stupid man your husband can be, and consider when he planned tell you about this dinner? You have little to no time to get ready and you certainly have no dress to wear.

You hop in the car. Zoom over to Decades, desperate for our stylistic help. What do we find for you...this YSL Rive Gauche dress. Perfect for any occasion, but most of all perfect for the night ahead.

Black velvet and crepe evening gown from 1994. Marked as a size 40, accented with a little bow to soften the severity of the dress and add a playful jest to the occasion.

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Friday, November 03, 2006


When you are strolling down Rodeo, 5th Avenue, Bond Street or any such street in any city, you might pass by YSL. You might even step inside, and look through the clothing they have on the racks, spot the bag of the season in an obscure skin that no one is going to buy, or even try on a pair of heels that you think can go with everything. That could be the extent of your YSL experience. You may even own a few accessories and sunglasses but haven't graduated into clothing purchases yet.

Well better than make that grade is getting a doctorate in vintage fashion from Decades when you buy this Dead Stock YSL Rive Gauche strapless cocktail dress.

It is made of 100% silk and is a hot bubble gum pink color. It is marked as a 38 and dates to 1989. Never been worn, new with tags, this dress is killer and you need to own it. Throw on some super sleek and sexy pumps and you will never walk alone again. SOLD

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When all you can think about is your collection of shoes, and you think what would it be like to have several thousand pairs as Imelda Marcos did, why not try her style on for size.

This Lanvin two tone silk dress from the 80s screams Imelda. It's all in the sleeves you see. There is also a unique stitching detail running along the top of the garment, and the poofy nature of the skirt and sleeves keeps you in step to the trend of volume is more this fall. Wear it to a Christmas party or just to entertain at home. I'm sure she would have!

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Jean Muir Blouse

A simple posting for a simple blouse. As simple as it looks, its quite an unusual piece to come from Jean Muir.

It is a satin blouse with widely spread collar, and a banded bottom which adds extra volume which ties at the front. The sleeves are slightly baggy and the blouse is a hue of mauve. Dated to the 70s, its Jean Muir in her hey-day with something a little different than the typical jersey dresses one often finds. SOLD

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Jean Louis Scherrer

If you have an upcoming black-tie event as most of us do. I often have black-tie events and need at least a new gown a week. I choose Decades as the place to find exactly what I need. Many women try to stay away from black as they feel its too limiting and they wear it all the time anyway. But if you are a devotee of black or want to break away from the color block trends then black is always in style and always a good choice.

For the lady who likes to keep it simple and clean, with architectural precision this 80s, Jean Louis Scherrer Haute Couture piece is perfect.

It has spaghetti straps and has a black satin cumberbund to wear around the waist. It has an optional sheer chiffon jacket as shown below and a feather boa if you want to add a touch of razzamatazz. Size 6-8.

Chanel Boutique

For those Chanel traditionalists out there, the ones who dream of a chance to hark back to classic Chanel. To the Chanel of the 80s and before, when wool was wool and Chanel meant being a lady not a tween with too much cash from Daddy, I have the fruit to your desires.

A black 80s, Chanel Boutique, drop waisted dress with a separate over vest lined with silk satin. It is marked as a size 40.

Those were the days.

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Lagerfeld for Chanel

While many women come to us in search of a classic Chanel blazer or suit, it is typical that they want boucle with special buttons and a jacket that is obviously vintage but can be interpreted with modern flair.

Then there is Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel. He found it his calling to interpret the classic Chanel jacket, and modernize it he did. In 1994 he came out with this faux-fur coat which acts as a visual play on the original blazers. SOLD

It appears to have the four pockets on the front, it has the Chanel lining as you can see, and the signature gold chain weights around the hem of the jacket. Just a fun piece for the true Chanel fanatic. And if you are crazy about Chanel you can always wear a more classically inspired Chanel blazer below this version.

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Andre Courreges

If you consider yourself a mod but do not want to wear black you should consider yourself in luck. Andre Courreges certainly was designing for you when he thought of this adorable creation. Mint green, from the 60s its in amazing condition and is not super tiny.

The plunging, curving V-neck adds some tantalizing sex appeal, and the mini-dress length shows of some pilates toned legs. It is made of gabardine giving it a nice weight and texture, with playful lines and button details to soften the crispness of the fabric.

What's more, it has functioning pockets. How much more perfect could it be. SOLD

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Gianfranco Ferre for Christian Dior

I want you to scroll down, look at the vest, then scroll back up here. Isn't it amazing? The delicacy of this racer back vest of gold lame and intricate detailing incorporating beading, stitching and all sorts of other things? It's what we like to call Passementrie detailing and is from the early 90s.

The back is dramatic and reminds me of Egyptian costume, or something Kelis would wear. If you don't buy this dramatic piece she is sure to. I wouldn't pass up the amazing creation that this is, whether you are a collector or you want to wear it as a costume, or if you have a certain event that this could be perfect for its amazing.

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Once Again it's Hermes Time.

It has been a little while since I posted any new Hermes products from Decades. But the wait is over and we are back with two very special bags for you Hermes fetishists.

The first is this Hermes, 28cm, Courchevel leather, yellow Kelly. It has gold hardware, the strap and key fob still intact and is in great condition. Yes the color is slightly bright, but its certainly for the lady who wants to have a bag that stands out while she keeps the rest of her outfit demure. Remember the Kelly is for the true Hermes afficionado, anyone can carry a Birkin, but few can pull off the glamor of carrying the Kelly. SOLD

The second bag from Hermes we have today is a small Hermes Bolide bag in Chamonix leather. It is dated to 1993 and is tan. This bag ought to be your go to bag for the days when you just cant decide what to carry. Its trustworthy and staid. It will never go out of style. Not quite as glamorous as the Kelly, not as popular as the Birkin, but then again if you have personal style who needs to carry the 'it' bag anyway. This is a bag to use till death do you part. SOLD

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