Friday, October 27, 2006

Gucci Chain

If you ever find the occasion to rock out in true ghetto fabulosity, then you will certainly find yourself pining away for some bling and some chain. Of course you could skoot on over to Melrose east of Fairfax and fine some chain that would last a night for 99 cents. Or you could have your driver bring you to West Melrose and our beloved store, Decades.

Here we like to take everything to the next level, and so with that in mind allow me to present this Gucci, 70s oxidized chain link belt or necklace with oversized 'G'.

Take a gander, and remember enough is never enough. SOLD

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Pierre Balmain

When a lady need a fix of her Haute Couture, there typically is one place to go other than the Couture Houses themselves. Well of course that option does set you back upwards of one hundred thousand dollars. Petty cash to some.

For the rest of us, thank the lord for Decades.

Pierre Balmain, 60s Haute Couture, sequined Tortoise Shell paillete party dress. It has actually been shortened from its original length but i think it still maintains the right vibe.

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Jean Patou

While it seems we have been riding the 80s throwback wave for a quite some time now, there is always a piece or two that catches my attention and makes me think it might be ok to ride this wave just a little longer.

This Jean Patou, 80s Haute Couture cocktail dress does just that. While it has a supremely 80s vibe to it, the color not withstanding, it is also in amazing condition and will get your party on any night of the week. The floral halter top and lilac wiggle skirt bottom, is ruched with expertise and precision. While horizontal lines do not always flatter the body in the right way, this dress manages to achieve the right lines for creating a knock-out body for most wearers. Boobs are good although I would suggest s medium sized chest would do better in this dress as the high collar can make a bust look larger than it is. A great pair of pumps and bare, shaved legs are all the accessories you need to make this dress work in the new millennium.

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Genny Runway Pieces

These runway pieces from the 80s, of course, are so ghetto-fab they might just be totally fab on their own. Both piece are so in your face, it is no wonder no one has seen them since the 80s. One look and you might be good for the next 20 years. On the other hand, if you have the body, the attitude and the personality to match, you could make this jewelry look like you were born in it.

Genny, deadstock, multi-strand chain long necklace, with outrageous medallion adorned with crystals and and twisted metal. SOLD

Genny, deadstock, chainlink collar with mini crystal detailing. The collar is quite rigid and a lot of necklace to wear but such a magnificent piece, truly. SOLD

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Chanel Cuff

With regards to the cuff below, I have very little to say. It is a stunning example of the Gripoix and Chanel collaborative process. The Byzantine styled cuff is made from poured glass and gold. It is quite small but does fit on the very luck few who can snuggle it on.

The cuff is from 1993 and is in perfect condition. Quite a collectors piece or a conversation starter. However you see it, it's a must have for anyone. SOLD

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ysl jewelry

A slew of fine earrings to come your way. Let's star of the Parade with some Chanel before we move to the VRBA.

Chanel Gripoix poured glass earrings from 1993 with pearl drops beneath. These amazing drop earrings are slightly heavy but a good robust earlobe should be able to cope! SOLD!

These are VRBA coral and pearl glamazon earrings that remind me of a dreamcatcher. Totally chic and totally Halloween these earrings take your costume to another level. SOLD

YSL, faux jade earrings with gold trim and clasps from the 70s. Vibrantly alive is this color of green. The gold is such a perfect accent for it. SOLD

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Chanel belt cum necklaces

These two special trinkets are Chanel-tastic. The black one has just SOLD. This very instant, so you can see how coveted they are. The red one however is still up for grabs!

The chain link is woven with red leather and has a gold double C logo emblazoned on it. The length of the strand means it can be worn as a belt, necklace or bracelet. How ever you desire it so. In the Chanel moment that is sweeping the fashion world, take advantage of this little charmer. SOLD

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Chanel Creations

Today's postings have been sort of erratic with no real theme as I typically do. So to continue with the random postings I decided it was time to unleash this blouse on you.

I always think there is something Granma/sexy/chic type thing with these vintage blouses from the 70s. The austere, covered, restrained and demure nature of them is obviously hiding a much wilder and naughty side underneath. On the young ladies who favor them today there is no doubt that the over-dose of fabric is hiding just a little something underneath.

Chanel Creations, late 70s with gold double "C" logo woven lame on rust silk blouse. SOLD

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YSL tricks and treats

On the cusp of All Hallows Eve, we search for a perfectly Devlish theme, adorning our bodies with ridiculous suits, we scramble from party to party with chocolate to boot.

If costumes were done the way we would want them to be, it would consist of YSL, Chanel and a pair of ole' Jimmy's.

Here at Decades we are not one's for themes, but try on this cocktail dress and you will be queen supreme. Navy Lace lays over you skin, while a dainty little bow keeps you all but tucked in. Flesh is on show for your admirers to see, a slip down below helps maintain your modesty.

YSL Rive Gauche, Midnight Blue lace Deadstock dress with ribbon detail.

YSL does the dirty

I mean it's not really dirty, I just thought I would do something to catch your attention. But the bustier style red lace dress with navy detailing below certainly is sexy.

YSL Rive Gauche Deadstock red lace dress from 1992 is quite a party piece.

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Ossie Clark

It is true that everyone loves Ossie. It is also true that everyone wants to find Ossie and be a proud wearer of his vintage creations. Luckily at Decades, we often have a few really good pieces of Ossie for you to enjoy. Take a gander below for one of our more recent finds.

Black moss crepe, Ossie Clark cocktail dress is a really sweet deal. Bell sleeves add volume while the pleats at the front of the skirt create movement. There are cut-outs on the shoulders in front and back to reveal some skin, and you can wear it open or closed depending on how much cleavage you feel comfortable showing. The dress is from the late 60s.

Not to fear, the dress is not actually as sheer as it appears in these two photos, because the flash is reflecting of the stark white mannequin and would not do this from your flesh.

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John Anthony

If you have ever wanted to achieve that coveted Marylin style that all blonde bombshells strive for at least once in their lives, why not do it in vintage? Why not do it with personality? Why not do it in John Anthony. SOLD

This peach pleated crepe halter gown from the 70s, is the exact dress you need for this look. Or for any look for that matter. It has an asymmetric hemmed skirt and a revealing back. The color is gentle on the skin, but you should be careful that is doesn't wash you out. This is a slightly more summer friendly dress, but if you are in LA then you can agree that even as we near the end of October the weather is still perfect for such a gown.

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Jean Desses

When it's time to roll out the red carpet and it's time for you to slap on the glitz, turn to Jean Desses for some Hollywood pizzaz and drapery unlike any you find today. When J.Lo wore vintage Jean Desses to the last Oscars, she immediately found herself receiving more fashion credit than she was used to. Why? Because Jean Desses was a master of his art and the pieces he created are truly works of art.

With this hot red, 50s chiffon gown you will achieve something of a similar stir in the media. Unlabelled, this gown is such a piece no less. The front is actually very demure and measured while the back is dramatic and sexy. If you like to pose looking over your shoulder this is certainly the dress for you. SOLD

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Just a little bag

For when you need a little pick me up and you just have an itch to be mod, as the fashion world is calling for at the moment, this great beadwork bag could do just the trick.

French 60s, unsigned bag, looks like Paco Rabanne style work. Very much like an abacus, this red wooden beaded bag and metal work is really something. Its not super delicate so you would be able to load it up with all your goodies one carried in her purse, but it still takes shape when it falls.

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Bill Blass

When you are searching for a costume to wear to yet another horridly themed toga party, but really you want to find something that you may be able to wear again then you can rest your eyes and look no further.

This 70s Bill Blass, shades of purple, layered silk jersey toga style gown is perfect. You are breaking the mold by wearing a toga other than white, and you are keeping it refined and simple in a creation that no one else at the party can even try and copy.

The effect from the side is quite ravishing, and while the layering does not really show of your body from the front, it is a different story from the side. What better way to show off your ass-et. SOLD

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I have recently decided that even if you get tired of dressing in black you always need to have an entire fall back wardrobe of completely uniformed little black dresses. There needs to be one for every occasion imaginable. That being the case, you need to have this one. Not because you have anywhere in particular to wear it, but more because you never know when you might need it.

Givenchy, from the 70s, Nouvelle Boutique pleated velvet mini dress. There is a psychedelic wave texture on the fabric and the bust is decorated with a diamante band. This dress is for that party where you want to just hang out, but be better dressed than everyone on the off chance that your ex might be there and you want him to kick himself for letting you go. Showing just enough leg, without looking trashy is the trick.

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Gianni Versace

Gianni Versace would be so proud of his little sisters efforts at his legacy house. Her last collection was so well received you might have thought we were back in the heyday of the Italian Fashion house.

To help you reminisce about those days, we have this stunning redder than red evening gown. From 1991, this is an iconic design with plunging neckline and criss-cross bare all back detailing. Cindy Crawford famously wore this to the Oscars in 1991! Sleek, sexy and simple. The only thing you have to worry about are you shoes. The rest is taken care of for you.

For further information or to purchase please contact alexander@decadesinc.comSOLD


Cooling down for winter? Take it a few degrees below zero with this cocktail dress.

Estevez from the 60s, Ice satin cocktail dress with a dramatic side swag. This is old school glamour done with ease. When women used to dress at a higher echelon of style. When style was just natural and not contrived. This dress was at its best. To get some of that old fashioned know-how into your wardrobe, why not try it on for size. SOLD

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Chanel Haute Couture

When women speak of the myth of that perfect LBD. The one that you can just throw on whenever, wherever. The one that you have shopped at Bergdorfs, Saks and Barneys with still no luck. The one that has alluded your every shopping trip for such a while now, and makes you itch to keep going in the hope that you will find it. Well I believe that if this is not it, its damn close and you ought to rejoice at its arrival.

Chanel Haute Couture? Of course. Where else would you find such a creation. So simple, with minor detail on the bust and pockets on the hips. Completely uncomplicated attitude just by dropping your hand in the pockets, and nothing better than replying you are wearing Chanel Haute Couture when asked about your dress. SOLD

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Chloe by Lagerfeld

Back when there was a greater era of Chloe, Karl Lagerfeld was at its helm. He steered their vessel towards great things and left them to sail on a course of greatness. Today Chloe is slightly different than its past collections focusing more on the Bedouin chic way of fashion, however at Decades you can find some of the old time magnificence that Karl brought to this most Parisian of Fashion houses.

This early 80s, black mini with exaggerated silver lame detailing on the shoulders and arms is such a fun piece. No matter what you pair it with it is sure to cause a slight commotion. If commotion is not what you are looking for then you can always tone it down. But the capelet like cascade on the back is drama at its simplest and will keep the attention on you all night through. It is labeled size 36. SOLD

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Bill Gibb

Sometimes, just a little simplicity goes a long way. For such an occasion, when you just want to slide of the couch and make a brief appearance at your local bar or club trying something like this effortless Bill Gibb is probably your best bet.

From the 70s, this black jersey halter gown is so relaxed and comfy you might just want to sleep in it too. The plunging back, is value added. Not only is it just so easy, it's also just so sexy.

As you can see below in the bust detail, it has a beaded motif that has an art deco flair and adds some color to the otherwise staid gown. If casual is what you are going for, and no jewelry is wanted, tousle your hair let it fall naturally and you are ready to go. A gown, sex appeal and jewelry all in one.

For further information or to buy, please contact

Pretty Things by Liz Goldwyn

Tomorrow night, our friend Liz Goldwyn will be giving a series of lectures and readings with signings for her new book on "The Last Generation of American Burlesque Queens"

The first event is tomorrow, October 25th, at FIDM in downtown LA. The event will go from 6pm-7:30pm.

The next event will be held on Thursday November 2nd at Book Soup on Sunset Blvd. That event will begin at 7pm.

If you click on the image above you will be able to see an enlarged copy of the invitation, or you can click on this link for further information.

Monday, October 23, 2006

LA Fashion Awards

Here Cameron Silver and Christos Garkinos pose for a brief moment before they entered the Orpheum theatre auditorium. When they finally emerged several hours later it was laden with the award for Best Retailer of the Year for Decades and Decades Two.


Friday, October 20, 2006

Versace In the House

This is not just any Versace, this is Atelier Versace. When you step into this, you step into Gianni's wild imagination and step out looking like you just tore up Charlotte's Web, but the disco version.

The dress early 90s dress is made of pleated mint chiffon skirt and the purple silk woven bodice. It is labeled as a size 42 and is shown here on a size 4 mannequin. It does require a slightly longer torso however, as it is a halter and would otherwise pinch just under your neck. It is a stunning piece of craftmanship and would put Liz Hurley to shame that she never wore it. So that leave the door wide open for you! Come on down to Decades and shimmy on into this cocktail gown.

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In case you Decades bloggers have not had enough of Pucci yet, I thought I might grace your attention with one more post.

This 60s, Jersey shirtmaker detailed, bell-sleeved gown is marked as a size 12. It features a brightly colored pattern that has not lost its glow in 40 years. The fabric still feels as soft and looks as new as ever! The length of the dress makes it perfect for a late summers cocktail party in the garden, or a day party on a yacht in the Bahamas over New Year's. Take your pick.

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When these powers combine...

In the early late seventies through to the late early eighties, YSL was on fire. Somewhere during that time Yves Saint Lauren designed this knock-out cocktail dress. Super plunging V-neck, long sleeves, cut to the knee, this dress is something else.

The gold coral-esque closure was designed by Robert Goosens and is decorated with crystals. The dress is made of jersey and has a great movement to it when you move. It is such a simple design that it still looks contemporary almost 30 years later and could have walked off the fall 06 catwalks earlier this year. SOLD

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