Thursday, December 28, 2006

Happy Holiday!

Apologies to all Decades Blog readers! Coming to you live from Sao Paulo, Brazil I have been having some difficulty uploading the new products and photos to the blog. I am hoping upon my arrival in Rio I will be able to do this!

We at Decades hope you had a Merry Christmas, a Happy Chanukkah and A Joyous Kwanzaa. A Happy and Prosperous New Year for you all as well. One that brings you frequently to Decades we hope!

Untill the next posting from Rio!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Arnold Scaasi Gold Lame Ballgown

One last ball gown for the evening, is this Arnold Scaasi creation. Scaasi emerged in the American limelight on the cover of the December issue of Vogue in 1955. He is a Canadian born designer who is Parisian trained at The Syndicale de la Haute Couture. His clothing has hung on the backs of some of the most stylish and well known women of the 20th century and his clothing is collectible as ever. Or even wearable as ever. Find below a superb example of a gown with shawl.


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Chanel Suiting For Christmas Luncheon

Should you find yourself setting out the place cards for Christmas Day Lunch and you are fretting over the fact that you want to look good for your husband, but you do not want to embarrass him as you sit next to your mother-in-law, the only way to go could be a classic Chanel suit. Neither can say anything about it negative, and if they do, they just don't know what they have coming to them.

Chanel, 80s Oatmeal colored Boucle suit. Features a sarong style skirt with a single gold button to close the jacket half of the combo. Stylish and elegant but sexy if you want it to be. Try using some tit-tape for a dramatic and exotic feel. SOLD

Chanel, early 80s, red boucle 2 piece suit. Made in a 60s style cut fit as a size 4 this suit is powerful and spunky. Watch out Father Christmas, Santa Clausette is in town! SOLD

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Chanel Coin Earrings

If you just got your Christmas Bonus last week, don't even think about spending it anywhere but here. At Decades. To get you spending right we have the perfect accessory to start you off.

Not just any Chanel but 80s Chanel coin motif earrings. Glam, fab and large these earrings are the right way to go, when you try to burn through your bonus in a heartbeat. SOLD

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Dresses for St. Barths come New Year

Where I travel for New Year's the whole country wears white. Head to toe, men and women alike, the whole country wears white. However many of you avid Decades Inc Blog readers will be boarding your G5 and heading down to St. Barths for Christmas and New Year's. Thanks for the invitations but traditions are traditions. So in case you are still in need of a cocktail dress for the big night I thought these two options will be perfect on your slender and tanned bodies.



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YSL Rive Gauche Blouses

I heard a story about traveling through Europe in one's chicest attire. Needing to be chic chic chic at all times. Everyday had to be chicer than the one before. There were no excuses you just had to be chic at all times. Well if you so desire that aesthetic then I suggest you buy yourself at least 20 YSL blouses, that way always have one to throw on, and you can wear multiple in a day depending on the day-time activities and the night-time festivities.

YSL Rive Gauche, Black sheer blouse with silver lurex pin-striping and tie from dated to the 70s and size 34. SOLD

YSL Rive Gauche, sheer black evening blouse marked size 38 dated from the 70s. SOLD

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Friday, December 15, 2006

Hostess with the Mostest

When it comes to entertaining, being the hostess with the mostest is a title that is worth vying for. In the high stakes battle to be crowned the queen of the night you might give a nod to the girls of the stage and the Burlesque wonders of 50s Czechoslovakia.

Anonymous, Czech Diamond crystal showgirl necklace. Dated to the 50s it is detailed with a reef-knot that adds some sailor girl flair.

Anonymous, Czech crystal showgirl necklace that cascades down your chest. It is made of a fuschia ombre pattern which gives a dramatic flair to this 50s necklace.

Hermes Haut Au Courrois-2004

Not only has it been a while since we have had one in store, it is also the first time I am posting one on the blog since its inception. This bag is taller than a your Birkin but otherwise appears to be the same. A great bag to carry if you need a little more space and love to tote some serious baggage.

This is a 32cm Birkin Haut Au Courrois in brown Chevre leather with Palladium hardware from blind stamped to 2004, this bag is in excellent condition. If you have quite a substantial collection of Hermes, this bag is a great addition and appears slightly more robust than a regular Birkin. SOLD

Monday, December 11, 2006

New Day, New Chanel

If you are just like me, then waking up in the morning means its a new day, new occasion, and a new bag is necessary. With that in mind, you might head out to find a little something something to entertain your fancy. I keep it simple, keep it black and keep it Chanel. New day means new Chanel!

Mini Chanel quilted soft calf leather purse from the 80s. Signature gold and leather link chain strap and double CC logo clasp. SOLD

Early 80s mini Chanel midnight navy satin evening bag again featuring signature strap and clasp on the front. Uber cute and the answer to your monday blues.

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Courteney Cox at the Premier of Dirt

Courteney Cox looks lovely at the Premier of her new t.v. show DIRT on FX. The dress she is wearing might look familiar to those of you who keep up to date with the Decades blog. It is vintage Thierry Mugler that we only recently acquired.

She looks just dandy in this dress and takes advantage of the asymmetrical hem to show of her fabulous legs. You go Courteney!

Judith Leiber Evening Bags for the Holidays

As one the last handcrafted luxury goods still produced in the continental US, Judith Leiber bags hold a long and illustrious history since their beginnings in 1963. Crafted delicately from the most precious of skins and fabrics as well as decorated in min crystals, the designs and genius little creations she has created over the years are collectible as well as wearable. Carried by celebrities, presidential First Ladies, and glamorous women the world over these bags are never going to go out of style.

So the gift to give this holiday season, to yourself or to your friends is a vintage Judith Leiber.

Judith Leiber, 80s minaudier. Decorated with a pyramid crystal motif, this cylindrical evening bag has a strap that is detachable so it can be carried as a clutch as well.

Another magnificent Judith Leiber crystal encrusted minaudier clutch from the 80s. SOLD

If you are looking for a gift to give, this is the gift that keeps on giving. A Judith Leiber Navy leather gift box shaped purse from the 60s. Its a celebration all year long.

The next two bags are sister purses and are adorable as a set or on their own. Both from the 70s, one is black satin and the other is silver leather. Both feature an unusual pinch style clasp that is covered in little crystals, signature of Judith Leiber. SILVER IS SOLD BLACK IS SOLD

Judith Leiber, 70s, textured gold case. Features a faux turquoise clasp at the top and is the perfect little accoutrement for your collection of Leiber's. SOLD

For further information or to purchase any of the above bags please contact

60s Glam from the 80s

The two sets of earrings below are straight out of the 60s but what do you know, they are Italian from the 80s.

The triple sequin encrusted ball drop earrings are so fantastically disco they will spruce up any outfit with the snap of the clip. Two options for you, all black or black and white if you get both you will never not have an occasion to wear them.

All Black version: SOLD Black and white version: SOLD

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Madame Gres Jewelry

These four pieces are all from 60s Runway Collections from Madame Gres. Famous for her drapery and Grecian inspired gowns, the jewelry is dramatic addition to the soft flowing movement of the dresses. Quite appropriately stunning too.

Madame Gres, 60s, Runway Collection. A solitary Large jet black bead sits as a pendant to a thing gold band. Simple and stunning. SOLD

Madame Gres, 60s, Runway Collection. A Gold gilt chain hold a faceted tassel of 3 large crystal pendants.

Madame Gres, 60s, Atelier Collection. Eggplant glass drip earrings. Adorn your earlobes with these and the oohss and aaahs will be bouncing off the rafters at Midnight Mass this year.

Madame Gres, 60s, Runway Collection. Faux jet bead festooned matte black necklace with clear pendants hanging around the collar. Accents of gold peek through and finish this adorable little necklace. SOLD

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Gold Jewelry

Having posted all the black gorgeous gowns I thought it would be the right thing to post some amazing gold jewelry to go with it. Perhaps this look is a little severe for all the holiday parties but what's wrong with a little severity. You can't be glitz and glitter every year. So when you don't want sequins, want gold! In the new year, this pieces will all be de riguer come the futuristic Spring 2007 collections.

40s, Anonymous metal work necklace. Designed with a shell motif and multi strand gold chains.

60s, Anonymous, Italian mad unusual hammered gold necklace. A swirling fantasy that would look amazing framed in a white blouse or with a black gown.

60s, Anonymous Italian made gold metal necklace with modernist hanging pendant and gold circles. SOLD

60, Anonymous Italian made Ethnic motif necklace. Mad with white beads and a dramatically detailed pendant this necklace is chic and powerful lending the wearer a bold statement accenting the undoubtedly equally bold character. SOLD
This Les Barnard necklace from the 60s is a metal work masterpiece. Hammered gold metal forms the two main plates of this signed and rare species from this designer.SOLD

The Silvana designer Italian necklace below dates to the 60s. It is a Modernist necklace of textured gold metal and laced with blue stones. The Aztec motif runs strong in this piece and like the other necklaces are on track to be hits for Spring 2007. SOLD

For more information on these pieces or to purchase any of the above please contact

Friday, December 08, 2006

If you head for the sun this winter, having the right piece to wear when the sun goes down is most important.

For my holiday plans this year, surprise of all surprises I will once again be heading south of the equator to Brazil. Now were I a woman I would of course be concerned with the selection of bikinis and chic one-pieces that are designed for lounging and not meant to get wet, but I would also be frantically searching for the right pieces to wear at night. Throw them on over a bikini for a casual look or wear them with underwear and high-heels for the ultra-glamazon look.

Loris Azzaro, Iconic 70s chiffon caftan with jersey under slip. Decorated with plastic and metal applique forming the signature detailing motif on the collar and cuffs. SOLD

YSL Rive Gauche, 70s Red Gauze chiffon caftan with gathered waist and sleeve featuring feather trim ties. This is one size fits all honey so buy it for your 13 year old daughter and watch her enjoy it till the end of time. SOLD

For further information or to purchase either piece please contact

Valentino Boutique

Having posted oh so many black creations I am happy to add some color to the blog. Particularly as Christmas is fast approaching I think a little brightness is always welcome and angelic white is always a popular option.

70s, Valentino Boutique, White crepe gown with crystal encrusted square collar motif and gathered waist. Clean, elegant, tasteful and glam. Shine on the right night in this fanciful number.SOLD

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Thierry Mugler

While many think vintage is all about the 80s and before, at Decades we have begun to embrace the best of the early 90s. Not that long ago true, but still some killer pieces were being worn by the tall and light of the fashion world. So start enjoying our major obsession with all things 90s.

Thierry Mugler Archival sample from the early 90s. Watermelon Pink Bubble skirt with black velvet inserts and straps marked size petite 2-4. SOLD

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YSL Genie Bedouin Chic

While on the way to your tent in Oman on your mucha expensive holiday this holiday season you should wrap yourself in this prototype creation from the house of Yves Saint Laurent.

80s, Gold silk and lurex deadstock dress with dramatic cowl collar and sarong styled skirt. Be the drop-dead gorgeous Amazon you have always wanted to be! SOLD

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