Friday, September 29, 2006

Let's bring out the dresses!

As promised there is Pucci galore to be had by all. This posting is all about dresses. Cocktail dresses, day dresses, little dresses to be worn with leggings or dresses if you have to go to a luncheon. In short there are a lot of dresses. So let's get the show on the road.

The first one is this 60s cashmere and silk Pucci long sleeved mini-dress. It has a mixed slim pattern running down the garment with forming horizontal bars. It is originally labeled as a size 6 and is quite a sexy little number. It is also very versatile as it can be worn with boots or stilettos, a cardigan or blazer, the options are endless. SOLD

The next is this 60s classic round neck Pucci cocktail dress. It is made of silk jersey and is very light. What is so special about this one is the crystal finished belt that is so iconic of this period of Pucci. It can be dressed up or dressed down however the wearer sees fit.

This Pucci dress also from the 60s features a pleated round neck that borders on boat neck. Its made of cotton and is a perfect little summer dress. The pattern is mostly black, blue, yellow and some purple. It is a contemporary size 4/6.

This 60s Pucci sleeveless mini-dress is made from silk jersey. Its has a pink and black colored patter on the top half and a drop-waist black bottom. It's adorable and a great variation on an LBD. It is labeled as a size 8. SOLD

This 60s Pucci is also made of cashmere and silk. It has a round collar, long sleeves and is gathered at the waist to give any lady an elegant figure. What I like about this dress is the way it moves. The fabric is so soft and caresses the body of the wearer. It is a contemporary size 6/8.

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Pucci Purse Encore

Following the previous two posts of Pucci bags I couldn't resist yet another. So here we have it.

A 60s small velvet clutch with a black and fuschia Pucci print all over. The gold clasp detail is particularly interesting, as it appears to juxtapose the purpose of the bag but maintains an elegant twist making it perfect for an evening on the town. SOLD

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Let's have some Pucci for Chesa

In the 1970s, Chesa was licensed to produce unisex shirts designed by Emilio Pucci with similar patterns to his signature silk blouses but on jersey. They still are printed with little Pucci signatures all over the design. In this capsule collection we have four such shirts so enjoy, enjoy! SOLD

This pink patterned shirt is labeled size 10. SOLD

This brown patterned shirt is labeled size 14. SOLD


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Pucci Galore!

So we at Decades have been endowed with possibly the largest single collection of Pucci ever. Well maybe that is an over statement, but we have quite a serious amount and to start it all off I have this lovely purse. Now prepare yourself as I will be posting copious amounts of geometric prints till your eyes hurt! Let the Pucci begin!

To start it all off, I am going to let it out slowly, we have this silk evening bag in shades of brown and blue which comes from the 60s. Its very elegant and most likely an evening bag. However, if you are a little more experimental you could of course get away with it in the day. The versatility is infinite as it has so many colors, and these hues are just the ticket to success this fall.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

It's Winter but you still have to make that appearance, what do you do?

You are standing in front of your wardrobe, eyes glazed over, season after and season of old clothes are flying out at you and all you can think of is vintage, vintage, vintage. Well there is non better way to spice current collections than with some original fashions from the days of yore.

If the girls on the red carpet today choose Loris Azzaro so can you. What's more you can choose vintage Azzaro from 1976. This turquoise jersey gown is stunning. It has a wire jewelry inlay design on the bust designed by David Ruckli. The cuffs also have matching detailing which gives this dress a fruity Moroccan feel. The long sleeves and plunging v-neck add sex appeal. I think this gown is perfect for many occasions but when the temperature dips you might want to pair it with the jacket below. SOLD

This early 70s Lanvin jacket might be a far cry from the black and navy looks of current seasons, but it certainly holds it's own when it comes to jackets. With a eastern European flair this knit wool with soft shoulders jacket is trimmed with mink. The blouson shape is relaxed and chic. Paired with a gown like the Azzaro above or with a tank and jeans this jacket is so versatile and always young! SOLD

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What to wear when staying home at night?

Whether it's because I am sordid, or if it's because I grew up in the circus, I always think its important for a lady to be comfortable and sexy when she gets home in the evening. Some women thrown on their sweats, while others done their pj's. My choice is for a little lingerie.

This Giorgio di Sant'Angelo body suit says many things. First it screams the 80s, but more than that is screams sex appeal. Made of stretch lace and detailed to look like a peasant blouse with a plunging ruffled neck line in the back, coming from the country never was so hot and unexpected. Having shimmied out of your pencil skirt all you would be left with is this amazing body suit and the jewelry that is to follow. You Louboutin heels also of course.

With the body suit above and this Yves Saint Laurent Haute Couture chocker from the autumn and winter 1999 collection you can't go wrong. Many crystals on the multi-strands join around a large crystal poised on your collar bone. You will seduce anyone that comes into your home, and you will remind your husband why he married you. It's time to spice up your life. Sold

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Monday, September 25, 2006

Black in the 70s, life was good.

I often feel that the 70s are tinged with hues of brown, yellow, mustard, dirt. Well apparently I was wrong! I knew the 70s could be sexy but sexy and black, I might just find my way into a time machine and jet back to the 70s and just have a whale of a time.

This Rudi Gernreich, fall 1971 black jersey deep-v dress is stunning. Whether you are Elvira or Morticia you are going to squeal over the leather trim detail and the door springs over your bosom. So seductive and so chic this dress is really quite something. The long sleeves add a touch of severity that does not go amiss. SOLD

Taking a different route to the same end this Jean Muir is a classic. With a mock neck and long bell sleeves it is pure 70s glamour. Its both sexy and sultry, and maintains your womanly stature while allowing you a more alluring modesty. This dress makes you the woman of mystery for the night, and the talk of the town the following morning. SOLD

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Yes Ossie, Yes!

Back from my English sojourn, I am tickled pink by anything and everything Union Jack. Or at least anything that was born under the flag of the greatest Empire to ever end.

Ossie Clark, tackled fashion and when he conquered the battle he left in his trail a collection of stunning clothing. This moss crepe wrap dress is pure Clark and is Ossielicious! The choice of colors is unusual but sound and really lets the red create an impact. A huge gold cocktail ring, some crimson lips and a pair of Manolos will complete the look, taking you from Carnaby St. to Bond St. SOLD

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When you think of Africa

Is this usually the image that is conjured in your head? Well if not Stephen Burrows has done it for you.

My mother always talks about her Safari wardrobe, as my father threatens year after year to take us on safari. Well this is the one piece that she is missing from her LV trunk and if you are planning a safari then you most likely are missing it too.

It's from the early 70s, it is very rare and it has his signature zig-zag stich. The multi-hued and multi-patterned halter dress is sexy, sleek and fun. It really could be worn either for an elegant summer party on the right lady, or for your 'Babes of Bedrock' themed Halloween party. Either way, everyone will be saying 'bam-bam'. SOLD

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The Story of Galanos Part IV

So now that we have had a look at all the light and dainty James Galanos its time for some darker hues and less garden party-more night fever looks from the same designer.

Again we are going to post two different decades from Jimmy Galanos starting with this 70s black, long sleeved, off the shoulder crepe peasant style mini-dress. It has a matching silver Lurex belt and trim and is a teensy contemporary size 2. Think about snatching this one up before a Hollywood celeb does. This dress is killer for the red carpet or just for greeting your husband when he gets home after a long day at the office. SOLD

I know this dress might not seem quite so exciting after I just gushed over the one above, but don't get me wrong, this dress is a bombshell in the making. It is from the 60s, and is embroidered throughout with an abstract design on the wool. It is a tank blouson style mini-dress but tightened with a belt and some knee-high boots you are set to strut your stuff. Men look away now, you might not be able to handle this. SOLD

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The Story of Galanos Part III

So its hard to mix decades but, I thought you could all handle it. Same designer, same basic silhouette, same color scheme why not give it a try.

First of all you should throw on this, narrow size four, mid 60s James Galanos mini-dress. It is a cream wool mock neck top paired with a tropunto stitched fabric bottom belted in the middle and embroidered with clear crystals covering the bodice. It comes across in a very current way and paired with some thigh high boots achieves a certain Austrian's dream look.

As it gets colder and the sun goes down, just throw this maxi over your shoulders and you are set to hop from your chauffeur driven car to the door of the casino in Mayfair in no time. Also by James, its actually from the early 70s but that wont matter to all those around you, so it shouldn't matter to you. With a mink trimmed collar and belt, and embroidered fabric its almost as though these two pieces were made to be worn together. It also is a narrow size 4. SOLD

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The Story of Galanos Part II

You may think that the mini-dress/jacket combo below has what it takes to get the party started. If you are trying to live the LA story and James Galanos is your guide you might consider something more like this...

Always ready to woo the crowd this 60s James Galanos cocktail dress sets the night alight with the drama moves while you walk. Embroidered with sequins and plastic appliques, this little number is finished off with an ostrich feather hem. Nothing but subtle if you ask me. It is a contemporary size 4. And has a back to challenge the front when it comes to drop dead glamour.
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The Story of Galanos Part I

I always say, when the tough get going, you should get going to your local Decades Inc and pick up some swinging 60s fun to cheer you up on a gloomy day. Sure America, land of plenty, is only host to one Decades Inc. outpost, but its right here in the city we love most Los Angeles. Who else loves LA? James Galanos.

Having made this city his home in 1951, a decade later he was certainly enjoying the shorter hemlines when he designed this 60s tweed dress with accompanying jacket. A contemporary narrow size 4, it has an embroidered crystal hem. The amazing collar detail which can be seen in the second photo is terrific craftmanship and adds a little spunk to the sparkle.

Here you can see the mini-dress with the jacket worn over it and see how the layered effect allows for both the collar and the hemline to still speak for themselves. Just a fantastic combo from a man who's clothing was as gorgeous on the inside as it was on the outside.

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Time to get ready for the Holidays?

Some might think me crazy, but all through the year, if I need a musical pick me up I thrown on my Christmas cd and a smile spreads across my face. For that reason I never think its too early to start thinking about the holiday season. I never think its to early to start shopping for it either. Well I never think any time is too inappropriate to shop, none whatsoever!

Enrico Coveri designed this dress with the same ideas in mind I am certain. Dating to the late 80s, this red lace strapless gown is a bombshell in the making. Of course that is if you have some curves. That's right ladies this dress is size 6-8 American contemporary. Just think of all the times you have come to Decades and well you know the drill. Well Hallelujah we have the ticket for your holiday season! What is truly special about this gown is the chiffon mermaid hemline which adds a little flounce in your step as your descend from your car and walk the 20 ft to the entrance to the ballroom! SOLD

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