Monday, January 22, 2007

KJL for Avon

A dramatic black gown deserves a dramatic piece of costume jewellery. Or even find jewels work but for right now let's not get ahead of ourselves. Bright, colorful, playful and certainly youthful, this KJL for Avon double tiered necklace is purely a fun piece to own particularly if you consider yourself a KJL or Kenneth Lane collector. You are not going to find this one in the new collections.

KJL for Avon, 70s Red, Green and Blue dramatic glass necklace. SOLD

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Kenneth Lane Necklace

It's not even the end of January and I already hear talk of plans to winter in Africa at the end of this year. Kenya and Egypt have both been discussed and as such I though it appropriate to find a few pieces that are suited to those particular climes with ease and relevance.

This, 70s, hammered gold coin on wooden bead necklace signed Kenneth Lane is perfect for the equator climates and indigenous artisan vibes. Three tiers of coins sit one on top of the other shining brilliantly as a nest of color and diffracted light on your chest.

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Sautoir Glass and Crystal Necklace

When the Bohemian in you calls out for evening jewels with some boho appeal, Decades often has the pieces that are just right for you. What is more boho that collecting trinkets, and how do women do this but with charm bracelets. Symbolic of past, present and sometimes future, you collect charms that remind you of things you love, admire and yearn for. When the bracelet is full its time to upgrade to a necklace. Or just buy a fully appointed charm necklace outright.

Here we have such a piece to keep you vintage and chic, but boho and slightly interesting too.

Anonymous, 70s, long stranded glass and crystal charm necklace also decorated with Roman style coins.

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Gucci Fine jewelry

Many men and women alike have a watch, or a bracelet or a necklace that they never take off. It has sentimental value to them, is comforting to wear and goes with everything. They just are in the habit of wearing it. I think with this bracelet you will find the same qualities and perhaps find yourself wearing it everyday. It is perfect for the layering of different bangles and bracelets as well as any look you want to pull from chic to street.

Gucci, 70s, 18K gold crocodile motif bracelet with pink stone in center.

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Givenchy Earrings

And boom! I think by now you probably have all seen Stomp the Yard, have enrolled in Step camp and are choreographing your own routines as you read this. But what is a stepping routine without some fabulously Hip-Hop yet chic earrings to bounce from your beloved lobes.

Givenchy, always the elegant and classically appointed house was just a little Hip-Hop in the 70s I think. These large circular and heavily branded earrings certainly speak volumes about the era and will speak volumes from your ear. So hot right now, and so forever young.

Givenchy, 70s, Glamazon logo earrings with pearl pendant stud. Gold and black and a lot more gold. SOLD

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Ciner Gold Cuff

Sometimes people consider it slightly severe to wear heavy gold bangles and jewelry during the day. Cuffs and the like from Lacroix or Chanel included. This may be true, maybe they ought to be reserved for night wear, but this cuff is fantastic for the day time.

Rope side gold cuff with three large glass jewels this is dressy but not overly formal that you cant wear it during the day. In fact I think this cuff is best suited to a jeans and over sized white v-neck tee-shirt sort of day perfectly.

Ciner, 70s, bold gold cuff with Green , Blue and Red jewels. SOLD

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Friday, January 19, 2007

Edoard Rambaud

This is a cuff to behold. I think should you have one cuff that choose to wear throughout the upcoming spring and summer months this is probably it. Heavy, so you feel you are wearing something substantial, gorgeous so you feel you are wearing a piece of art and stunning so you feel beautiful this cuff does it all.

Edoard Rambaud, 80s, heart shaped sun motif on a gold wrist cuff. SOLD

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Chanel Lucite Bangle

For the youthful spirit in all of us, Lucite bangles will always be a choice accessory for daytime, eventide or night. The more illustrious the designer, the better. The more obnoxious and brutally over the top, the better.

With that in mind, experience the lifestyle of Chanel with this Lucite bangle.

Chanel, Spring 1997 Lucite bangle filled with gold Chanel signature chain link and miniature shoes and handbags. SOLD

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Chanel Hoop Earrings

Further to owning a pair of quilted motif Chanel earrings you must indulge yourself in some ghetto fabulous and glamorous hoop earrings. Black and gold will never go out of style and the same rings true for these ridiculously Karl Chanel earrings.

They are a heavy accent to any ensemble and will make a statement as the bounce from your earlobes as you step from the backseat of you Maybach. I think it would be fair to say that if you don't have these earrings then you really don't have it at all.

Chanel, Spring 1993 large black metal hoop earrings with gold tone metal double 'CC' logo perched inside. SOLD

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Chanel Quilted Earrings

Simple, seductive, and surely Chanel as they can be, these quilted gold tone metal clip on earrings are uber necessary in your wardrobe. Yes they may be hard to wear, and yes they are clip on, but when you are wearing a paper thin cashmere turtleneck, Gap Audrey Pants and little ballet flats, if you don't want to look too mod, but want to look a little Hood, a touch of gold is all it takes to make the cross-over.

Chanel, 80s Gold Quilted motif earrings. SOLD

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Cartier 'Jackie O' Style Belt

The late Jackie Kennedy Onassis was seen wearing this belt on the Isle of Capri in the early 1970s. Since then it took on a life of its own. When her estate finally came to auction by Sotheby's on April 23rd 1996 this piece listed with an estimate of $500-$700 sold for a staggering $27,600.

Of course this is not the piece from the auction itself, but it is the same exact belt. It is shown below as both a belt and a necklace. The woman who buys this piece will be able to live their own exotic lifestyle dreams and enjoy the thrills of Cartier with the style of an Onassis. Jackie Kennedy Onassis.


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Absolutely Fabulous!

Finding simply great earrings is not always easy. They need to be versatile, able to translate from day into night and back again, light and wearable but still fashionable and fun. These little gems will work perfectly.

Anonymous, 80s gold tone metal geometric shaped clip on earrings.

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Zandra is the Wind beneath my wings.

I'll say, and with this little tunic number from Zandra Rhodes you too can have the wind beneath your wings any day of the week you want. No matter what the weather man tells you.

Easy, chic, comfortable and timeless, throw it on at the beach or just hanging out around town in the spring.

Zandra Rhodes, 70s red print chiffon caftan tunic. SOLD

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Golden Globes

Decades loves our ladies in vintage and we love when our ladies wear our vintage, Decades vintage.

Chloë Sevigny dazzled as the only lady to grace the red carpet in a graphic print. Wearing a vintage black silk Yves Saint Laurent moon print gown she hit the target, dead centre, and both stood elegant and as herself. The dress, a two piece set from the 70s, was a quick pick for Chloe paired with contemporary YSL by Stefano Pilati shoes and handbag. Decades loves Chloe!

White was plentiful at the Golden Globes this year and Annette Benning did not disappoint in her vintage Valentino from Decades. This gorgeous clean lined and sleek Grecian inspired column dress paired with her swept up-do equals a Hollywood glamour that we often miss on the red carpet. Understated and quietly better than the rest, the silver sequined collar and hem add a touch of razzamatazz giving Annette the youthful glow you see below!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Understated Night Chic

I always consider dressing for a night on the town quite a challenge for the women on the move. Whether to wear a dress, trousers or a skirt. What top or blouse to match it with. The options are usually endless and all you want to do is feel comfortable. We know how it goes. Look fabulous feel like you are in pajamas, and now have to wear all loose jersey regardless of the price point.

So should you have to go the jersey route, you should do so in a way that most people just don't think of. Try on vintage, and try on some colored print. Why wear black, grey or slate when everyone else does.

Leonard, early 80s, batwing classic floral and stripe print jersey tunic. Comfy and chic, the key to dressing for a night on the town.

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Thea Porter Caftan

It's a long weekend the sun is out. Friends are fleeing to Mexico, Palm Springs and the like for a little RnR and some good 'ole rays of light. You can't flounder about in a bikini the whole weekend by the pool. You need to pace yourself, treat your skin right and put on your Marrakesh inspired caftan.

Thea Porter, Iris Lilly print signature style Chiffon Caftan. Trimmed in black velvet the caftan is dated to the late 60s. SOLD

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YSL black ruffle blouse

With the weekend just a day away, I decided that one ought to consider what to wear for brunch and shopping tomorrow. It's a little chilly here in LA at the moment so black is perfectly acceptable. This YSL blouse is the key to the weekend look.

Pair it with some charcoal colored J brands and boots, or some black leggings and a chunky hardcore wedge or heel. The look is utter casual chic. As though you really do not care but want everyone to know that your only option was this YSL Ruffle top with ruffled cuffs. Dated to the 80s and marked as a size 36. SOLD

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Monday, January 08, 2007

January 2007 Window

I hope you have all had a chance to admire and weep over the magnificence that is the Decades Inc, January 2007 window display. Featuring the Max Chaoul Wedding gown that was recently posted, the window design is inspired by a Charles Jourdan photoshoot by Guy Bourdin.

Utterly shattering of any windows we have done in the past this is window decor the way it should be, the Decades way.

If you havent seen it yet you should do a drive by to admire it in all its glory.

House of Morabito part II

The next set of bags are all different but all extremely unusual. The first two both share magnificent bright colors, while the second two maintain the elegant quality of the company while also alluding to a more traditional style of bag for a tea luncheon perhaps.

Morabito, 80s, Blue Crocodile lunch box style mini purse. Features a gold clasp set on top and is 6 and 1/4 inches in length with two top handles

Morabito, 80s, Green Crocodile shoulder bag with an adjustable shoulder strap. The bag itself is 9.5" in length and features a gold clasp on the front opening. SOLD

Morabito, 80s, black Crocodile clutch with a removable gold link chain that features a knotted clasp on the front opening. The bag is 9" in length. SOLD

Morabito, 80s, slim black Crocodile envelope style oversized clutch. The bag is 11 and 1/4" in length and features a gold clasp on the front. SOLD

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Red Gucci Bag

The Jackie O is a bag that every woman should own in some size or color. It is just a classic bag that can always be used and always be love. Now with so many versions of it coming from new collections of Gucci I would suggest taking the style back a few decades and trying on something like this for size.

Gucci, early 80s Red leather classic Jackie O purse with a variable length strap option. Gold hardware closure bearing the double G logo. SOLD

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Elio Ferraro

This dress is an extremely unique piece of Haute Couture. Absolutely one of a kind gown that was made by Elio Ferraro, a Florentine Couturier, is styled on the 70s style of dresses made popular by designers such as Ossie Clark.

This one however is from the 90s and is Archival as well. It is made of Black crepe with red satin trim.

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James Galanos Starfish Gowns

Only one week to go until the Golden Globes and its high time you made your decision as to what you will be wearing. It is of course to wear black, but its better to wear black with some life in it. These two gowns are perfect options for a sleek and clean look that also has a playful youthfulness. They are both variations on a theme and that theme is Starfish!

James Galanos, late 70s asymmetric back gown made in black crepe and decorated with a large sequined Starfish on the right hip. Its very chic and very cool.

James Galanos, late 70s, one shoulder black gown. This time the Starfish motif is taken a little further with one larger one on the bodice and a flourish of small ones on the skirt of the gown. This version is a little more daring than the one above. SOLD

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Saturday, January 06, 2007

C'est chic n'est-ce pas?

This will be my last post from Sao Paulo and my last from Brazil. The trip has been great and has also been long. Having come to terms with the lack of clothing in Brazil, when there is some there tends to be some great fashion. Particularly when it comes to Beach wear, summery clothing and lighter fabrics.

This Irene Galitzine sums up many of the themes that Brazilians love in their clothing. Glamorous, airy, sexy, sophisticated and flowy. It shows the right curves and hides the wrong ones. Which is quite perfect.

Irene Galitzine, 70s Gold lame and mouseline print strapless dress. Features a belted waist and interesting cascading knot detail at the bust. SOLD

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70s Chanel Bag in Moss

A rather unusual color for a bag that since first setting my eyes on I have become totally smitten with. A moss colored leather Chanel bag from the 70s sounded so chic, and it really is.

Only 9.5" x7" this bag is a perfect size for carrying at night. It sits in that crook between your arm and your chest and will look perfect if you dress in all black, lots of gold accessories and this simple but conversation starting bag. "Where did you get that great Chanel...I have never seen one like that before?" "Oh, you know my friends over at Decades? The searched it out for me, isn't it great!"

Chanel, Moss colored leather bag with gold and woven leather chain strap. Dated to the 70s

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Hermes Grey, Taupe and Cognac 32cm Crocodile Kelly

Basically what I have to say about this bag is that it it utterly phenomenal. It is in outstanding condition. It is stunning with the three colors of crocodile skin and an unusal combination that makes for an extremely elegant and mature bag to be carried day or night. Cognac makes for an elegant Luncheon bag, grey is austere and taupe is youthful while still classic. What's more it is presented with gold hardware.

The size, 32 cm, is perfect for a bag with so much going on. Were it any bigger it could look too playful and not carry the same reverence that it does just by being a Kelly. It is dated to 1997.

I would suggest that this bag is a perfect purchase for the lady who already has a black croc Kelly and wants to upgrade to a bag with a little more pizzaz, of course you should never give up your black one. This is a bag for the collector, for the Hermes afficionado and is worth its weight in gold. Simply Stunning. SOLD

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