Saturday, January 06, 2007

Golden Globe Time!

It is crunch time...the stylists are pulling out all the stops to find the perfect gown for their most demanding and perfect customers. The wives of producers, the producers, the guests, the stars, they all are looking for gowns or dresses appropriate enough to wear to the party and awards show next Monday night at The Beverly Hilton.

For all of you who are seasoned shoppers but desire something more when it comes to award season remember this, Decades is the only home of Glamour in LA. This is where you go to immerse yourself in the luxe, the glorious and the beautiful only to emmerge as a glamazon in Vintage Couture, one of a kind, unlike any other girl or lady on the red carpet. To begin this odyssey Bill Gibb will start our Golden Globe fever.

Bill Gibb, 70s Pearl jersey goddess gown. Embroidered straps and bust with mother of pearl buttons on the side. The architecture and drapery of this gown make it a stunning vision in a cool and sensuous color. SOLD

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