Saturday, July 29, 2006

Day Two

Saturday- Saturdays are always interesting. They can be wildly busy or tremendously dull. Michael and Cameron are usually the only two Decaders who are in the store on Saturdays so if you feel bored you should pop in to show them a little love.

Decades wants all of you to get ready for the upcoming award season. What better way to do this than to stop in and purchase a glamour puss gown to wear as you strut down the red carpet and up the steps to deliver your acceptance speech.
Do remember the Emmy's are fast approaching!


Today for your viewing pleasure we have a playful Ossie Clark with Celia Birtwell print 40s style dress. The dress is made of moss crepe and has a tie front bust. It is perfect for that late summer cocktail party or garden tea affair. Ossie Clark was a designer during the 70s, married to Celia Birtwell they collaborated using her prints and his designs to make some of the most sumptuous creations of the decade to come out of London. If you have any additional questions regarding this garment please contact us post haste.

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