Friday, August 31, 2007

Accessories Megapost 2: Back to School Edition!

There's a new cultural phenomenon sweeping America... chances are, you've seen it everywhere. Billboards, newspapers, TV... even your kids are talking about it! No, no, we're not talking about High School Musical 2; it's Chanel back-to-school madness! For our second accessories megapost, we're bringing you precious vintage minipurses and backpacks for kids from 1 to 92.

UPDATE: Three out of five sold in 72 hours.... you have to act fast!

There's a certain je ne sais quoi about vintage Chanel quilted bags--we think the gold-toned hardware and sumptous leather only gets better with time. We bring it to you here in classic quilted ivory leather and a fascinating octagonal Mountbatten pink lizard! Both bags feature Chanel's signature gold CC logo and biker chain handles woven with leather. Now you can be one of the cool kids, ditching class to smoke cigarettes behind the cafeteria (what else fits in that little bag?).

Chanel Ivory Quilted Leather Purse with Gold CC Closure and Woven Chain, c. 1980s. Measures 5½" x 4" x 2". SOLD

Chanel Rare Mountbatten Pink Lizard Purse in Octagonal Shape with Gold CC Closure and Woven Chain. Measures 7½" x 6" x 2". SOLD

Let's put on our parent hats, now. As cute as that little purse is, your student needs something a bit more practical for the first day of school. Decades has options that will dazzle the studious shopper with Chanel backpacks in three shapes and colors! The first is a simple but chic drawstring backpack in pebbled cognac leather, perfect for the blossoming equestrianne; it shows some slight marking but is generally in excellent condition. Second, a soft suede cocoa drawstring backpack with a playful tassel has just the right flair for the art department. Last, but gothically not least, a signature black quilted calfskin bag to keep your 4th grader on the bleeding edge of fashion.

Chanel Caviar Leather Drawstring Backpack in Cognac with Gold CC Hardware and Chain Straps, c. 1980s. Measures 11" x 12" x 5". SOLD

Chanel Quilted Suede Backpack in Cocoa with Gold CC Hardware and Ornamental Tassel, c. 1980s. Measures 12" x 15½" x 5". THIS ITEM IS NOW AVAILABLE AT DECADES LONDON IN DOVER STREET MARKET +44 (20) 7518 0680. PLEASE REFERENCE THE DESCRIPTION ABOVE.

Chanel Black Quilted Calfskin Backpack with Gold CC Hardware and Chain Straps, c. 1980s. Measures 13½" x 14" x 4". SOLD