Thursday, October 11, 2007

Forbidden Flowers

Florals aren't just for nice girls. Indulge your darker side with nettle-tinged couture creations by Castillo and Christian Dior. The Castillo dress pictured below features a delicate sheath of Chantilly lace over a black A-line strapless cocktail; the Dior might require a slip, though we love the iridescent sheen of the black and caramel layered netting.

Castillo Haute Couture Chantilly Lace A-Line Cocktail Dress, 1962. Fits a contemporary size 4 to 6; now available through Decades at Dover Street Market, +44 (20) 7518 0680. SOLD

Christian Dior Sheer Netting Dress with Floral Embroidery, c. 1960s. Fits a contemporary size 4. SOLD