Friday, January 25, 2008

Cloak Yourself in Midnight!

Earlier today we posted two Oscar-worthy gowns in black. Of course, we know that black can be a bit overwhelming for less formal events in the spring... might we suggest midnight blue instead? Below are two new arrivals at Decades: the first, by society designer Jacqueline de Ribes, wraps about the body in a delightfully tricky fashion while forming a sleek, sexy shape. (Also check out this Lanvin creation, which features a similar color story.) Beneath it is a fishtail gown by Thierry Mugler Couture fishtail gown with V-shaped hardware at the bust.

Jacqueline de Ribes Creme and Midnight Silk Gown, Crosses in Front and Draped in Back, c. 1980s. Modern 4 - 6 SOLD

Thierry Mugler Couture Midnight Silk Strapless Fishtail Gown with Silver V Hardware at the Bust, c. late 1980s. SOLD