Wednesday, October 01, 2008

ysl black silk blouse

It may be nearing 100 degrees in Los Angeles today, but somewhere, out there, someone is feeling a chill. For our fans feeling frigid, here is a coat, a cloak, and cape to shield you from the elements.

The early 1970s Christian Dior dyed-blue mink coat is trimmed in pigskin suede with streamlined CD logo buttons. The French furrier Frederic Castet took over designing for the Dior Furs/Haute Furrure division in 1968. He worked under the supervision of Marc Bohan who was head designer and art director for Dior in Paris from 1960 -1989. It has been said that Castet treated furs like fabrics, and thought nothing of cutting up minks into a plaid pattern or combining four species of spotted furs in a patchwork coat. Castet's fur shows were as popular as the traditional Couture runway shows, too.

Although, Yves Saint Laurent designed for Christian Dior in the late 1950s, the wool blend cloak below with velvet trim is from the Winter of 1984 for Monsieur Saint Laurent's Rive Gauche collection. This is a multi-faceted design that can be worn casually or formally.

The Yves Saint Laurent Variation two-tone nylon hooded cape snaps up the front and is in a sophisticated color combo of gray and khaki. An indispensable and terribly chic way to keep your head dry with the heaven's pour.

Christian Dior by Frederic Castet dyed mink coat with suede trim, c early 1970s. Modern size 6 SOLD
Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche wool blend cloak, A/H 1984. Marked size 38, modern open sizeSOLD
Yves Saint Laurent Variation hooded nylon two-tone raincoat, c 1980s. No size SOLD
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