Saturday, March 27, 2010


This apparently anonymous mocha mock turtleneck gown with marabou feather skirt is not exactly the first choice to wear when it's 80 degrees outside, but we can't resist because we don't know who created this decadent dress? The dress has no label! Someone must have designed this over the top concoction, but who? Our wise clients and blog fanatics may be able to give us a clue. The dress is a fine heavy mocha silk top that zips up the back and connects to a plume party of marabou feathers and is centered by a dark brown velvet belt. A feather trim wrap is included if you need more feathers to get you through the night. If anyone has any idea who made this dress, please give us some insight. It comes from the closet of a Texas based clothes-horse who has also given us some fab YSL and Norell, but this one remains a mystery! Help up close the cloth case!
UPDATED: This is Donald Brooks
According to a friend of Decades, the dress looks very much like a Donald Brooks from 1967!

Donald Brooks marabou feather mocha silk evening gown, c. 1960s. Modern size 4 SOLD
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