Friday, June 04, 2010

Wedded Bliss

Unless you've been hiding in a cave, we're sure you are aware wedding season is underway. While many brides may choose a traditional wedding designer to outfit them, turning to a non-traditional wedding designer could equally suffice (and sometimes offer an extra dose of flair).

Known for his insistence on beauty and quality, Olivier Theyskens created nothing short of that when he sent this gown for Rochas down the runway during his Spring-Summer 2005 show. The first image above shows the actual gown on the runway in black. Meaning this gown was perhaps specially created in ivory, awaiting the perfect bride to be.

Made of ecru taffeta, this evening gown is definitely befitting any bride in search of both craftsmanship and beauty. This gown's bustier features a delicately placed peony and its construction is thoughtfully tiered, providing both a voluminous silhouette and a lot of drama. And if that doesn't seem impressive enough, this gown also comes with a matching bed coat that's intricately edged in folded ecru taffeta--perfect for continuing the festivities well into the chilly night.

Rochas by Olivier Theyskens silk Ecru Taffeta Wedding gown, Spring/Summer 2005. Contemporary size 2
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