Friday, July 16, 2010


If we could get your hands on this evening manteau by legendary Cristobal Balenciaga, you would be intrigued by the fabric and raised texture of the silk, which the French call soie cloquee ouatinee. Alas, if you aren't with us in Los Angeles, we are just going to have to seduce you with our description of this berry-licious coat that is marvelously festive and the work of a great artist whose canvas of fabric belies explanation as the swirls and wrinkles of silk are simply extraordinary. The relaxed silhouette with raised non-collar makes this Couture coat very versatile in a sporty way with jeans or dressed up over a perfect cocktail dress. The evening coat is one of those surprisingly useful pieces in a women's wardrobe. Take a basic LBD and give it a little razzle dazzle with a shot of texture and color. An evening coat, keeps you warm and makes you look hip and isn't just for a grand evening, but easily works dressed down when you don't want to look too "down."

Cristobal Balenciaga Haute Couture coat of raspberry silk "cloquee", Number 92790 for 1964. Flexible sizing from 4 to 8 SOLD
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