Tuesday, August 03, 2010


The Decades Daily Arrival Blog was started in 2004 to satiate the clients of our Melrose Avenue boutique in Los Angeles, which opened in 1997. Our clients would always request to learn about our latest arrivals, so the blog was originally initiated to satisfy our established clients. But the word got out! Now, we get requests and have clients from all over the world who visit and follow the blog and shop with us. We always want to give our Web clients the same personal attention as those who shop with us at our store, so when you request information we ask for your name and location so we can make the web transaction feel like you are shopping at our boutique. Below please find two recent windows from the store so you can see what's been happening at Decades. The photo of the Rochas window gives you a peak into www.DECADESTWO.com , our sister store which sells high end CURRENT designer clothing on consignment; where as Decades sells vintage couture, with the exception of our Hermes selections. The Patou by Lacroix window is our must current window.

Just remember when shopping with Decades via the blog, you are part of the Decades family and an actual store that has existed since 1997 and we want our Internet clients to feel as part of the Decades experience regardless of their location.