Thursday, July 07, 2011


Gres godess gown currently in exhibit at the Musèe Bourdelle in Paris.

How many of you fear turning gray? I have surrendered to the gray that creeps up on me and I notice the white hairs near my sideburns and temples. I guess it's a rite of passage?

A preferred right of passage is owning a Madame Gres. I think most people would prefer a Gres hanging in their closet over some gray hanging on their head! This Madame Gres gown is in ivory jersey with spectacular pleating over the bodice which is a signature of Madame Gres Goddess drape technique. The skirt gathers from the bodice and releases so you can spin like a whirling dervish! But what of the optional shoulder swag? One arm goes through the jersey shawl and the excess fabric can be wrapped around the back to gently grace your opposite arm. Another option is keep it hanging off your shoulder just like an ancient statue that so influenced the great Gres.

Madame Gres (Gres Paris label) Haute Couture ivory pleated Goddess gown with arm shawl. Modern 4 to 6

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