Friday, August 05, 2011


I have missed you all so much. For those who follow me on Twitter (@CameronDecades) or on Facebook you will know that I have been around the globe the last few weeks (Shanghai and NYC), but I am home for a few weeks and ready to share with you some of my favorite goodies that have come our way in recent weeks. Thankfully, Eri and Jarred have been keeping the blog filled with delicious options, but it's time to share my jet-lagged voice with you.

The woman who owns the dress took nearly a decade to relinquish it to Decades. I asked Madame X ten years if I could buy this Stephen Burrows dress from her. While traveling last month, I returned to the store to a surprising package from Madame X with the fantastic Stephen Burrows chiffon peacock print enclosed. I was patient and fortunately this dress is soooo right now for a Malibu BBQ or a Capri sojourn or a Hawaii escapade, or Bain de Soleil in St. Tropez! However, if you are going to wear this to the BBQ in the 'Bu, please avoid getting any BBQ sauce on the 70s chiffon treasure. Featuring Burrows signature "zig-zag" stitch and in a blue/purple vaguely Asian floral and bird pattern, the dress is also vaguely sheer, too!

Stephen Burrows peackcok puple print chiffon spaghetti strap dress with asymmetric back, c. 1970s. Modern 4 to 6 SOLD
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