Monday, January 09, 2012


Decades is a very special store that offers services that are rather exceptional. Take for example, divine Independent Spirit Award nominated actress Rachael Harris (who also happens to be my neighbor). She has a VERY busy award season and Eri and I are having a blast and laughing too much as we pull together Rachael's various looks. Now we are not just wearing vintage and modern designer clothing from Decades. We are also calling all of our designer friends to pull samples and connecting the dots for shoes, jewels, as well as guiding her beauty teams on her hair and make up. The results are spectacular. Rachael has worn Michael Kors and Pauline Trigere in the last two nights and looking awesome. You don't have to be a nominated actress to get this level of service, because every associate at Decades functions like your personal stylist and we are here to serve you from head-to-toe and make sure you feel like a movie star and are always confident like Rachael is on the red carpet!