Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I doesn't matter if you are a Democrat or a Republican, we all love cashmere!  And Chanel cashmere is particularly desirable, isn't it?  Sandy is on everyone's mind, but so is our forthcoming election and I am feeling very Get Out the Vote so if you are a US citizen please do your civic duty and vote either absentee or at a booth.  What could be more chic than to show up at your polling station in a Chanel cashmere twinset?  Ah but it's not a cardi and pullover twinset.  Rather it's a cardi with a skirt.  Together it is very Ronald Reagan 80s, but imagine the cardi with a pair of leather Row pants.  Chic, no?  And the skirt needs a Rick Owens tank and a Cerre leather jacket with tights and moto boots.  Why, you can wear this Republican or Democrat and the nice things it is vintage, so very Green Party too!

Chanel cashmere sweater skirt suit set, c. 1980s.  Modern 4 to 6. SOLD

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