Saturday, December 29, 2012


By now you might have bought or heard of Cameron Silver's book Decades; A Century of Fashion available at and for a signed copy. 
As every decade of the last century is covered by a specific chapter with photos and descriptions of what made a decade memorable, the It girl, and the influential designers. Here is an excerpt from 1910's as told by Cameron Silver; "Lucile, a.k.a. Lady Duff Gordon, a.k.a. Lucy Sutherland, is often credited with designing the world's first brassiere, but she was also responsible for bringing the intimacy, delicacy and intricate handwork of lingerie to street clothes, pioneering the concept of underwear as outerwear. Lucile named every dress she created after what had inspired them. Among these "gowns of emotions"  were confections called "The Sighing Sound of Lips Unsatisfied" and "A Frenzied Song of Amorous Things." With gowns that were both closely fitted and demure like this one below, women in 1910's cut an intriguing figure." 
This anonymous gown, in perfect condition after over 100 years, not only is part of the history of fashion, but it has not lost its charm or fascination to this day. 
The ethereal easy going vibe and ivory shade in a wrap around style seems and feel unstructured, even though a light weight corset is built in with a slip that prevent the leg from showing but hints at all the possibilities. 

Anonymous ivory satin silk and beaded gown, c.1910's. Modern size 4-6. 

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