Tuesday, September 03, 2013


This weekend was very nostalgic for me.  I watched a PBS music series about the history of the American Songbook and then went on a YouTube frenzy watching archival films of everyone from Dolores Gray to James Cagney.  While being on this culture high and watching everyone from Fred Astaire dance to Sinatra sing, I was really struck by how talented people USED to be.  I mean they could act, sing, dance, and looked amazing without a bevy of stylists or make-up and hair artists at their disposal.  In other words, remember when you had to be talented to be famous?  Sure we have great stars today who can twerk at the same time as letting their tongue hang out of their mouth, but remember when stars really shined bright like diamonds? 

A lot of them had the extra glitz because of costume jewelry and Miriam Haskell always made some of the finest pieces.  These sea blue glass and diamante earrings may not give you the pipes to belt like Merman or the grace of Ginger Rogers, but a little a little glimmer of glamour goes a long way.

I leave for a fashion week frenzy so I won't be blogging on the Decades site BUT do follow me on Twitter and Instagram for my amusing bon mots from the front rows.

Miriam Haskell blue earrings, c.1940's. Length 2.5 inches. SOLD

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