Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Decades will celebrate the launch of a rare definitive collection of vintage Franco Moschino, kicking off with an event at the iconic vintage boutique on Thursday, March 20th, the same day the collection will also launch online for purchase: This amazing collection of over two hundred pieces was acquired by Decades from Lynda Yost; an avid collector of the Italian fashion label for nearly forty years.

With the reinvigoration of Moschino by its new designer, Jeremy Scott, this collection is perfectly timed to capture the attention of those who embrace having fun with fashion. Katy Perry and Rihanna have already been spotted wearing Scott's current Moschino designs, bringing a new interest in the brand that has always been known for its irony and amusement (Scott's new designs include outfits inspired by McDonalds, worn recently by Perry).

Lynda Yost describes, "As a business executive, I especially liked some of the more subtle witticisms of Franco Moschino. Here are a few of the "slogans" that he put on his buttons (see below), in embroidery on the garments, or right on to buttons. I wore navy blue business suits with little pearl buttons, for example, but each pearl button had a smiley face on it. Another navy blue suit had buttons that were shaped like flowers and in multi-colors. Another suit had a saying on the buttons of "You Can't Judge a Girl By Her Clothes". Nobody ever noticed, but I had my private joke with me all day."
  • "Waiter there is a fly in my soup" – and then the buttons were all shaped like little flies
  • "Better a Happy Hippie than a Yukky Yuppie"
  • "Peace Please"
  • "In Love We Trust"
  • "No Guns, Just Roses"
  • "Opposites Must Coexist"
  • "The Future is Now"
  • "Save Nature"
Price points of the pieces range from about $85 for an original key chain, up to $2,200 for an iconic leather moto jacket. Key pieces in the collection include the following:
  • Moschino three piece skirt suit in Roy Lichtenstein printed silk, Spring 1991. SOLD
  • Moschino jersey "you can dress me up!" dress, c.1990's  SOLD
  • Moschino "In love we trust" playing cards skirt suit, c. 1980's  SOLD
  • Moschino "Hello from Napoli" silk top with gondola and lute brooches, c.1990's.  SOLD
  • Moschino crepe viscose jacket in yellow with black and white checkerboard sleeve and "Let's keep Fashion Tidy" buttons, c. 1980's  SOLD
  • Moschino moto leather jacket with gold chain tassels, c. 1990's  SOLD
  • Moschino "We are the Fruit" leather cropped jacket with fruit leather patches, c.1990's  SOLD