Tuesday, April 01, 2014


All the eyes were on MOCA last Saturday celebrating its 35th anniversary. But as soon as the lights went out Diana Ross was at the center of the attention with a surprise performance. She has been an inspiration for Team Decades through the years and it never stops. From her amazing voice to her super glam outfits from Bob Mackie to Tom Ford, we are always inspired. It was emotional to see her in a bright red sequin gown perform "I'm Coming out" to a room full of artists. We continue to celebrate Diana Ross with these iconic looks. Click on the links below to purchase or email us with any questions. 
The time has come for me 
To break out of this shell
I have to shout 
That I am coming out !!!

photo by Jeff Snyder 

James Galanos beaded green and gold chiffon gown, c.1970's. Modern size 2. 

John Anthony ombre sequin gown, c.1980's. Modern size 4. 
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Bob Mackie feather coat in fuschia, c.1990's. Will fit modern size 4 to 8. 
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