Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Gianni Versace for Spring

Guess what? Spring is only three days away! This Gianni Versace dress from the early 1990s presents an excellent opportunity to step out in a sexy, light-colored dress now that the weather is growing warmer and the fashion palette brighter. We love the Ottoman silk effect and the laced corset. Plus, it fits a contemporary size 6 to a small 8!

Gianni Versace Creme Corset Cocktail Dress, c. early 1990s. Marked size 8, fits a contemporary size 6 or small 8. SOLD
Now available through Decades London at Dover Street Market, +44 (20) 7518 0680
For additional information, please email blog@decadesinc.com or call (323) 655-0223. Please reference the description above.