Saturday, March 29, 2008


It's not easy being a Showgirl! Just ask Gina Gershon or Elizabeth Berkeley. And those damn shoulder duster earrings are so heavy, but oh so glamorous, aren't they? Here is a collection of mostly Larry Vrba spectacular shoulder duster earrings. We've noted the length of each pair so you get an idea of how dramatic they are. Here is a hint from some of our shoulder loving Showgirls who shop at Decades: USE PASTY GLUE ON THE BACKS OF THE EARRINGS TO HELP THEM STAY ON YOUR EARS. Here is yet another use of the all-too-important pasty glue. Buy it here, but buy your ear bling HERE!

Larry Vrba aqua and pearl round dusters, c 80s. 3 inches. SOLD

Larry Vrba hematite and citrine massive shoulder dusters, c 80s. 5 inches SOLD

Anonymous multi color hoops, c 80s. 3 1/2 inches SOLD

Larry Vrba amethyst with pearl tear drops, c 80s. 3 1/2 inches SOLD
Larry Vrba turquoise and coral classic drops, c 80s. 3 1/2 inches SOLD
Larry Vrba 3 tier turquoise and pearl drops, c 80s. 4 1/2 inches SOLD

Larry Vrba turquoise and pearl shoulder dusters, c 80s. 4 inchesSOLD
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