Friday, May 02, 2008


They don't make clothes as detailed as these Thierry Mugler designs from the 1980s anymore. Why? It's super expensive to design intricately tailored clothing. It's inexpensive to design a smock dress, though! This will be our last ode to Mugler before Monday night's Costume Institute gala. When you take a look at the catalogue for the Superheroes exhibition, expect to see a lot of Thierry Mugler, but those frocks won't be for sale. Leave it to your favorite store Decades, to satiate the Mugler in you. We've been a champion for Mugler for quite a while now, and we are excited to see our fashionable clients embracing the return of tailored, sculptural, and dramatic designs.

Thierry Mugler black viscose/acetate blend long sleeve dress with scallop neckline and velvet inserts, c 1980s. Marked size 38, modern 4 to 6 SOLD

Thierry Mugler sensual light wool crepe jumpsuit with gathers and hip and cat's eye pin, c 1980s. Marked size 40, contemporary 6 DEADSTOCK/UNWORN

Thierry Mugler wool "smoking" with satin details on jacket and nipped in waist. Includes, high-waist pleated pants with signature closure, c 1980s. Marked size 38, modern size 4 to 6.