Monday, May 12, 2008


Don't hate us. We know we are one of your favorite resources from pre-owned Hermes bags, especially Birkin bags, but we haven't posted a leather one in a few weeks. Although we have one divine orange Porosus crocodile 30cm Birkin available at present, we've been a little dry when it comes to traditional and non-exotic leather. This serves as a tease. The picture below is a 30 cm pre-owned Togo leather Birkin that is getting a "facial" at Hermes Beverly Hills as we type. Once she's back from the spa, we will post all the glorious details of this guacamole colored Birkin. However, this Birkin will likely pre-sell to one of our active readers, so feel free to email or phone for more information. It's probably a few more weeks to wait for this Birkin to be up-to-Decades-standard (we wanted to spruce up the corners), but if you want a head-start, we can pre-sell it to you now :)
Hermes Anes 30 cm Togo Leather Birkin, J stamp 2006 SOLD
To purchase this bag in advance of it's spa trip, email or phone 323 655 0223. Remember to include your full name, phone number, as well as, City, State, and Country from which you email.