Saturday, June 21, 2008


Why wouldn't Elizabeth Taylor wear these Chanel earrings? Aside from designing her own namesake jewelry now, she does have one of the great collections of important legit jewelry, so we have a feeling she prefers fine bling more than faux bling. Well, we don't have a problem with faux bling, and we certainly know how much our Decades clients and blog readers crave the low cal stuff, too! Where we lack with carats and color quality, we make up with style and a certain joie de vivre and these three Chanel clip on earrings might even make a high jewelry buyer swoon for the cheap stuff! (Clarification: Vintage Chanel costume jewelry isn't particularly cheap!)

Chanel unsigned woven double CC circle clips, c 1980s. 1 1/4" SOLD

Chanel pearl swing drop earrings Collection 28. 3 1/2" long SOLD

Chanel rope motif double CC charm earrings, c 1980s. 3" long SOLD

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