Monday, June 09, 2008

Splendid Summer Cocktails from Dior and Mugler

Looking for a great summer dress that doesn't let it all hang out, so to speak? These latest arrivals at Decades keep you [relatively] covered up for all of summer's many outings! This Christian Dior dress in rich silk cranberry features an architectural collar that's classically chic and sophisticated. Those of you opting for something more playful, check out the lattice work on the Thierry Mugler posted below! In a viscose/acetate blend, it's a sure-fire way to stylishly pursue active endeavors like sailing or bocce ball, without the constraints of rigid fabrics.

Christian Dior Sleeveless Silk Cranberry Cocktail Dress, c. early 1960s. Fits a contemporary size 4. SOLD

Thierry Mugler Creme Viscose/Acetate Cocktail Dress with Lattice Collar, c. late 1980s. Marked size 36, fits a contemporary size 2 to 4. SOLD

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