Friday, January 22, 2010


What does the price of shoes today have to do with an early 1970s Norman Norell plum mermaid dress? Let us explain. Shoes today cost a fortune. Several thousand dollars for a pair of shoes seemed impossible when this dress was made around forty years ago, but today a $2000 pair of shoes isn't out of question. Now, if you are plucking down four figures for a pair of shoes and wearing them with a floor length gown, we say "What's the point?" Yes, it is true luxury is all about hidden and personal decadence, but we suggest you show off your shoes that cost more than most monthly mortgages and wear them with a tea length dress. Hence, our shoe and Norell mermaid connection as this brown jersey long sleeve slim evening dress with purple plum paillettes is tea length and ready for your most jaw droopingly expensive shoes. We took some details of the unusual pattern the paillettes are hand sewn onto the jersey dress which we thought was particularly unique for a mermaid.

Norman Norell plum paillette tea length mermaid, c. early 1970 (according to the original owner). Modern 4 SOLD
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