Saturday, January 09, 2010


I hate to break it to you but smaller doesn't always mean cheaper! Just because this Kelly is only 25 cm and Hermes and crocodile (porosus) doesn't mean it is going to be much cheaper than something that's 32cm and Hermes and crocodile (porosus). The lesson to be learned: Hermes bags in crocodile are expensive no matter what the size! This 25 cm black crocodile Kelly bag is in the most desirable of skins (porosus) and would cost you nearly $23,000 if buying it at Hermes today (PLUS TAX), but this pre-owned and recently spruced-up-by-Hermes in Bev Hills Kelly is from 2003 and will save you nearly $10,000 off of current retail. As I've said, the bag was lovingly pre-owned and although Romain (our hero!) at Hermes worked his magic, porosus crocodile in its shiny form is dulled by your hand's natural oils so the handle of the bag and a few spots on the flap appear to be a bit matte and cannot be glossed. This is a natural occurrence in crocodile and will happen with any croco bag, so either wear gloves or surrender to nature! A few dull scales on a porosus crocodile Kelly bag is worth the savings. With the amount of money you save you could buy one of the orange swift leather Kelly we posted yesterday! We rarely get mini Hermes bags, so if you like your luxury in small doses, this one is ready for the taking!

Hermes 25 cm black porosus crocodile Kelly, G stamp for 2003. Pre-owned and meticulously reconditioned by Hermes Beverly Hills with a few matte areas as described above. A box and sleeper bag included. SOLD
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