Saturday, May 15, 2010


At Decades, we have always been quality over quantity and hope our clients have learned to buy the best rather than the rest. We strive to sell investment additions to one's wardrobe. Next week, Decades will be turning THIRTEEN YEARS OLD (May 19th, 1997 was our first day which is also the owner's birthday) it could be called, our Decades Bar Mitzvah, but we aren't throwing a party or asking for presents. Rather, we are spoiling our discriminating clients with the best of the best. And it doesn't get ANY better than a Hermes porosus crocodile impossible to find 40 cm black Birkin with gold hardware. Go look for another 40cm out there in the world wide web and they are few and far between. When do you see one online (we found one on eBay), it's from an anonymous seller with a price that was soooooooooo high that we suggest you buy this one and use the money you saved to buy a nice car rather than buy a similar and overpriced bag on eBay. As a matter of fact, most of the croco Birkins we found on line are 35 cm bags but are still sometimes tens of thousands more than this quintessential luxury bag that is 40 cm.

The 411 on this croco Birkin is its unused from 2005. The original owner bought it and never carried it as she felt the 40 was too big for her small frame. The gold hardware still has its plastic covering and it comes with its box and sleeper bag, naturally. This is an impossible to find Birkin in the highest quality of crocodile in the ultra-exclusive 40 cm size. Go ahead and invest in the best! If you do wish to see the bag in person at Decades, we are delighted to show it by request.

Hermes 40 cm Black Porosus Crocodile Birkin with gold hardware, I stamp for 2005. Unused in box SOLD
For additional information, please email or call + 1 323 655-0223. You may also visit us in person at Decades 8214 1/2 Melrose Avenue (2nd Floor) at Harper Avenue in Los Angeles, California. Please reference the description above, if calling or emailing. For email requests, kindly include your full name and phone number plus City, State, and Country from which you are contacting, so may offer you a high level of personal service.