Saturday, October 02, 2010


To those of you who follow our blog on a daily basis you know we have recently received the most amazing batch of Yves Saint Laurent Couture jewelry pieces! Here is round two of our posts showing off these extraordinary works of art.

Below we have this organic deep Jade colored ensemble that includes over sized bangles and these marvelous earrings with gold draping on each one and a Swarovski crystal to top it of. In ancient Chinese culture one believed that wearing Jade would increase body strength and add longevity as well as it's symbolism of love and virtue. Nothing wrong with wanting to find love or strength with these beauties!

YSL Couture Drop earrings w/ Swarovski crystal and marbleized resin ring w/ gold metal draped over. c. 1982 Measures 2"x 3 1/2" SOLD
YSL Couture Marbleized resin over sized bangle 1. c. 1982 4 1/2" wide 8"circumfrence. SOLD
YSL Couture Marbleized resin over sized bangle 2. c. 1982 4 1/2" wide 8"circumfrence. SOLD

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