Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nothing Better!

Nothing in the fashion world is as recognized as the ubiquitous Chanel logo. The renowned interlocked double C has become a universal trademark for one of the world's most timeless fashion houses.

"Simplicity is the keynote to all true elegance," was Mademoiselle Chanel's design guideline, which was easily transformed into a symbolic stamp that would represent everything the company stands for. Originally the logo belonged to the Chateau de Cremat in Nice, which was owned by one of Gabrielle's friends. The logo can still be seen around the Chateau including their stained glass windows and door knobs like the image shown below. It was known that Gabrielle would spend her holidays there and used the logo as inspiration for her own. Her love for the design grew and eventually the design was given to Gabrielle by the owner to be used as Chanel's official trademark in 1910, the rest is history!

... With that said we bring to you this classic Chanel double locked C necklace, with an intricate wave design within the double C, perfect for any occasion.

Chanel gold double locked C logo necklace. c.80's. Drop length 17". Pendant 1.5"x 2" SOLD

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