Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jump into...

A Key Party! You thought I was going to say "Spring," didn't you. Well, this isn't that kind of dress! This is a dress out to have a good time; a 70's good time. This girl is out for fun and no one is going to stand in her way, especially not a skirt. That's why she chose a Jean Veron black V-neck jumpsuit!

If you are well-versed in fashion history you'll know that Jean Veron was one of the names that John Bates designed under. We are speaking of the John Bates that designed the outfits for actress Diana Rigg in her role as Emma Peele on the television show, The Avengers. Let me tell ya, in this outfit Emma Peele could kick some ass by day and get some ass by night... and now so can you!

Jean Veron black V-neck backless jumpsuit, c.70's. Contemporary size 4. SOLD

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