Saturday, February 16, 2013


Now that the leg has replaced the midsection as fashion's erogenous zone du jour (I have never been a fan of midriff revealing fashion), this 70s Oscar de la Renta goes just high enough AND covers you up at the same time.  Say what you want of ODLR's recent collaboration with John Galliano (sadly the controversy of the "partnership" appears to be eclipsing the talent of ODLR), the truth is, this Oscar knows how to make an Oscar-friendly dress and can work his magic with or without the support of the controversial Galliano. This collab does seem rather odd to me and I do hope ODLR is remembered more for his collections over the last forty plus years and not simply for bringing John Galliano out of obscurity.

Oscar de la Renta black sequin gown c.1970's. Modern size 4-6. SOLD

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