Thursday, February 14, 2013


We haven't put anything up on the blog in over a week!  Sorry, I went to fashion week and Eri has been working her buns off with fittings galore for everyone from Lana Del Rey to Freida Pinto.  We're baaaack!  We are still super crazy and multi-tasking but we couldn't ignore our beloved fans out there "in the dark."  The famous Travilla Marilyn Monroe pleated cream halter Seven Year Itch dress is one of Hollywood's great fashion visuals that constantly inspires designers.  Jean-Louis Scherrer must have been feeling the roar of a subway over an iron grate billowing air and making a dress blow in the wind when he designed this navy pleated crepe evening dress.  A constantly flattering silhouette that allows you to have your Marilyn moment although I doubt anyone will be taking the subway in this! 

Jean-Louis Scherrer Haute Couture navy pleated dress c.1980's. Modern size 4. SOLD

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