Monday, May 27, 2013


This Memorial Day, I suspect many of our American clients are in their backyards grilling up a storm.  I am at Decades selling up a storm.  I also wanted to blog something that is begging for some BBQ sauce to drip on it.  Getting the sauce out of the dress is another conundrum, however.  Giorgio Armani is not a label we often accept at Decades, but when it is right, there is no question as to why Mr. Armani's business is a multi-billion dollar phenom.  Yes he brought us the relaxed suit, but Armani is more than one who manipulates masculine codes in shades of wheat.  This striped day dress wraps and sashes but also has a collar, strong shoulder, and slight puff to the sleeve.  It's the type of dress one wears to a Malibu BBQ with sandals, Aix in Provence cocktails with espadrilles, or to a luncheon at Michael's with Manolos.  It's chic.  Too chic for BBQ sauce!

Giorgio Armani red striped silk dress, c.1980's. Modern size 4 to 6. SOLD

For additional information, please email or call + 1 323 655-1960. You may also visit us in person at Decades 8214 Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, California. Please reference the description above, if calling or emailing.