Monday, May 20, 2013


Many call Leonard the French Pucci, but both esteemed Houses have distinctive prints.   In 1958, at the encouragement of Jacques Leonard, Daniel Tribouillard opened Leonard Fashions and by 1960 had secured a very unique printing technique.  Eventually the orchid became the symbol of the house famous for it's ultra light silk jersey dresses weighing just 150 grams!  Leonard is not as ubiquitous as Pucci and hasn't been able to be reborn as brilliantly as Peter Dundas has done at for the legendary Florentine fashion brand.  However, Leonard still has a bit of an insider exclusivity which makes this velveteen jacket of marigold-based florals (Leonard is often inspired by Japan) so special.  Just like the silks, this year-round velvet, is ultra-light weight and totally season-less.  Perfect for brightening up any and every day!
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Leonard print velvet coat, c. 1970's. modern size 4 to 6. SOLD

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