Saturday, June 22, 2013


How was your summer solstice?  Although I thought the solstice was Thursday (it felt like a long day), it turns out that Friday was even a longer day for me and officially deserves being known as the longest day of the year!  When I think of summer, I think linen and raw silk.  And how appropriate that these four identical Ib Jorgensen button down palazzo pant jumpsuits just came to Decades is watermelon,  lime, and baby blue (is there a fruit this color?) linen and lemon raw silk.  Now when I think of jumpsuits, I do not think of Denmark nor Ireland, but Jorgensen was born in Denmark and trained in Ireland opening his couture house in 1957 until its closing in 1994.  All four jumpsuits feature tonal buttons, defined waist bands, and hip pockets.  These are the perfect resort wear uniforms for those that resort.  Probably not for a getaway in Denmark or Ireland, but perfect for something tropical where you can pick a lime or lemon from your bungalow's window.  Get Jet Set.  Speaking of jet set, make sure you follow me on Twitter and Instagram as I will be posting a lot from Paris starting next Saturday at the men's Dior show through the final Haute Couture shows on 4th of July!

Ib Jorgensen Watermelon linen sleeveless Jumpsuit, c. 1960's.  Modern size 4 to 6 SOLD

Lemon raw silk sleeveless Jumpsuit, c.1960's. Modern size 4 to 6 SOLD

Lime linen sleeveless Jumpsuit, c.1960's. Modern size 4 to 6

Sky Blue linen sleeveless Jumpsuit, c.1960's. Modern size 4 to 6 SOLD

For additional information, please email or call + 1 323 655-1960. You may also visit us in person at Decades 8214 Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, California. Please reference the description above, if calling or emailing.