Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Hermes has always been the brand with a policy of product not an image. The enduring quality of Hermes products are superior to all. Rejecting mass production has made possible for Hermes to refine each product with a lasting effect. Hermes might never change its logo or its stand on branding, but they are a brand nonetheless. Choosing Hermes we characterize who we are, what we have and what we dream of being and having. This shoulder Kelly is in great condition and known for practicality. The Trim bag is as functional as it is iconic, and what about the chicest weekender the Plume for both him and her. And if you are not in the market for a bag, we got you covered. The lambskin hand painted scarf is as extravagant as it is sublime. And for the horse owners; treat your horse as you would like to be treated. Whip the flies away from your horse's face with Hermes. The horse might not know the difference, but you do. 

Hermes shoulder Kelly 40cm in togo leather yellow with palladium hardware, 2009. SOLD

Hermes Trim bag 31cm blue jean in togo leather with palladium hardware, 1998. SOLD

Hermes Plume bag 45cm in togo leather with gold hardware, 1997. SOLD

Hermes fly whip in red, c.1970's. Length of handle 35cm. SOLD

Hermes fly whip in yellow, c. 1970's. Length of handle 35cm. 

Hermes lambskin shawl with leather fringe and handpainted feathers in gold. SOLD

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