Tuesday, November 26, 2013


There definitely has been a backpack moment brewing the last few years.  The kids are all wearing backpacks - be they vintage Chanel or monogram MCM.  However, if you march to a different drummer, maybe it's time to go Bruxelles chic and invest in Delvaux, a brand older than Hermes and certainly parallel in quality.  Delvaux had a store in LA on Sunset Blvd over twenty years ago that always had my interest but didn't last long on the strip.  People simply didn't know Delvaux's history (it was founded in 1829), but this bag  came from a sophisticated Angeleno who ventured to Delvaux and found this unusual backpack with straps connected to a brass ring and unusual wooden "pole".  One enters the bag via the zippered compartment, but there is also a nice outside pocket on the other side, too.  I like this bag because it doesn't look like anyone else's design.  Isn't that why we love vintage?  To have something that looks original!

Delvaux Bruxelles forrest green backpack, c. 1980’s.  Measures 4 x 13 x 17.  SOLD

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