Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Daryl Hannah, Eat Your HEART OUT!

Jewel tones anyone? Norman Norell, created an iconic gown known as the Mermaid which became a status symbol in the 1960's. This is one of the Mermaid sample gowns from a runway show, done in amethyst. This piece is the first of many Norell Mermaid gowns that we will be posting. We have recently obtained a collection of Norell Mermaid gowns from a woman that purchased Norell runway pieces and collected the press/advertisements that went along with the collections (as seen above). This particular Mermaid gown is a lilac silk jersey, covered in amethyst metallic paillettes. These gowns will not last, and this particular one will be in a runway show this Thursday in downtown Los Angeles. If you like this piece, we recommend you come down and see it in person.

Norman Norell amethyst mermaid gown, c. mid 1960's. Marked runway sample CLARE405, Contemporary size 4. SOLD
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