Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Santa Anna

Here in southern California we have been blessed with a late Christmas gift...Santa Anna Winds. They originate inland and sweep through the deserts bringing all us lucky Angelinos gusts of warm air to thaw our frozen spray-tanned little bodies.

This fortunate event made me long for summer, and all that comes with it (mostly lying by the pool and sucking down low-carb margaritas). I even went out and purchased a new pair of white sunglasses from my favorite vintage sunglass shop Hotel De Ville.

Now I bring you one of my favorite summer party dresses: an Anonymous baby pink 20's chiffon number with silver "sequin" firework pattern. By "sequin" I mean the thin strips of silver metal that have been attached by hand all over the dress. I'm not sure how long it took to individually fold and wrap each strip to create the amazing pattern but it looks like it took while! There is a darker pink chiffon slip dress that adds volume to the skirt and keeps all your naughty bits hidden from view.

To get you in the mood, I've added a lovely anthem from last summer, Katy Perrys "Firework." Press play and be sure to check out the detailed picture of the "sequin" just above the video; it is truly something special.


Anonymous pink chiffon party dress with firework pattern, c.20's. Contemporary size 4.

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