Friday, November 23, 2012


Looking at this fantastic Giorgio of Beverly Hills hippie couture dress that has a print worthy of a Klimt painting with quilted cuffs, shoulders, and waist makes me nostalgic for the great Rodeo Drive retailer that really made such an impression on me as kid growing up in 1970s Beverly Hills.  Was it the pool table, the bar, the yellow and white striped awning, the club-like atmosphere, the leather chairs and couches, or just the eclectic inventory, A-list client, and equally venerable staff that inspired me in my retail career?  Giorgio certainly has helped mold Decades so it is with great pleasure every time a piece comes to us with the original Giorgio label.  Luxe Hippie looks never go out of style.  It is one of the venerable trends of fashion.  It is actually trend-less.  I can see a myriad of women wearing this dress and I wonder who will be the lucky owner of a dress not only from Giorgio but also from Decades?  Isn't that double provenance?

Giorgio floral print chiffon long sleeve gown modern, c. 1970's modern size 4-6. SOLD

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