Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Join Cameron Silver to explore fashion's decades and decades of fashion in this year's New York Fashion conference which will focus on "One of a Kind" iconic individiuals and institutions whose contributions have played critical roles in defining modern fashion. Artisantry, makers and materials that are as extraordinary as those who create from them objects of compelling and enduring beauty, from gemstones to rare metals to textiles. Central to the questions of what makes something "one of a kind" is the paradox embodied by vintage; Is a garment one of a kind or one of its kind? And how does standing the test of time create the iconic?

For tickets click here and enter promo code silver or call: 646.485.1952

The conference presents a unique opportunity to meet authorities from the fashion world and if you have not yet purchased Decades; A Century of Fashion by Cameron Silver , the books will be available at the conference as well as a chance for a personal book signing.

For additional information, please email or call + 1 323 655-1960. You may also visit us in person at Decades 8214 Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, California. Please reference the description above, if calling or emailing.