Saturday, January 12, 2013


They say cockroaches and Cher will survive a Nuclear Holocaust, but I would also perhaps add Karl Lagerfeld.  The ultimate fashion survivor.  Has he ever said no to a gig?  I've recently posted an example of his work for Chloe, but let's not forgot the myriad of brands on his resume: Balmain, Patou, Mario Valentino, Monoprix, Curiel, not to mention Chloe, Fendi, Chanel, H&M, his eponymous collections, and Tiziani.  Tizi-who?  Tiziani is actually the name of the Italian fashion house started by Evan Richards, a very non-Italian former singer born from Jackboro, Texas.  He came to Rome to sing opera, but by 1963 had opened his own house and hired Karl Lagerfeld design.  Lagerfeld stayed until 1969, but left right about the time this dress was made as he quit soon after Elizabeth Taylor engaged Tiziani to design her costumes for Boom! (clink the link for pics of Taylor's auction which included her costumes) in 1968 and Richards wanted to be the sole createur. The best thing about the film are the costumes and this dress is very "Boom-bastic."  Let me dissect this dress for you: square gilt rope neckline with tangerine collar balls attached to a heavy coated metallic burlap with the most insane embroidery.   Well, he was known as the "Beading King" and this spectacular showstopper is worthy of a queen.

Tiziani Roma "Age of Aquarius" embroidered dress c. 1969. Modern size 4 to 6 SOLD

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