Monday, January 21, 2013

Raising the Barre in Dior

Happy New Year… Over the years I have been rather quiet on the old blog and I don’t make many appearances nor have I had anything really witty to say but today I have to make an exception. Unfortunately it won’t be very witty, but with the new year in full swing I think we (really Jeff) might have just out done ourselves and set the barre really high with such a beautiful window to start the year off that we may be in trouble. But it could also mean that Two Thousand and Thirteen is going be an incredible year for Decades and maybe just starting off with these amazing Dior Gown’s is what will keep us on point. Another unfortunately is that these INCREDIBLE gowns are a true size ZERO so ladies don’t feel bad because to be honest with you all they should only be worn to an Inauguration or sent straight to a very very special Museum.  Enjoy!  Bravo Jeff!

Christian Dior Paris, Haute Couture gown in gold, autumn/winter 1963. Modern size 0.

Christian Dior Paris, Haute Couture gown in pink, autumn/winter 1962. Modern size 0. 

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